I Am So Sorry for Your Losses

My heart goes out to those who were lost and those who suffered a loss at the Twin Towers. A child expects to lose a parent when they are old. Americans expect that some will die in accidents, some on the battlefield and others of disease. Others we expect will die from the hand of someone in the throes of passion or in the lock of mental illness or even just evil nature.

We do not expect someone to execute innocent civilians by the thousands just because of their nationality, especially when the hearts of that people are so clearly by their track record wanting to make the world a better place.

The Generosity of Strangers, Not The Generosity of Those Who Are Strange

I am not referring to our leadership. Inscrutable is a good word for the minds behind Jekyll Island and the Federal Reserve. Apeshit crazy comes to mind for those who worship Moloch at the Bohemian Grove.

Regular Americans, Regularly Charitable Americans

I’m referring to regular folks. The ones on a fixed income who still find the wherewithal to give to Children International, to their local women and children’s shelter, who take their kids on Thanksgiving Day to a homeless shelter to help serve the food for which they helped pay.

The Generosity of Strangers, The Generosity of Americans

I am referring to the hundreds of thousands – I don’t know, it may have been millions – of Americans who voluntarily sent donations to Pakistan back when that big earthquake cost so many lives, to those who spend their winter days collecting coats for the poor, many of whom live in the streets when they themselves could be curled up in front of their fireplace.

The doctors1 of Operaton Smile come to mind, too, when I think of the generosity of Americans. If you have ever had your heart moved by a child then a child who can finally smile, breathe and eat without difficulty because some physician donated his time to give free corrective surgeries in countries where they do not normally have access to these service surely must make you feel something, some kind of joy.

Americans often have no connection with those to whom they provide help other than the fact that it was made known to them that someone needed help. For all the ranting and raving of how America is supposedly racist, Americans by untold scores pony up contributions to help those who need it without regard to race, religion,  or any characteristic you could name.

America’s Post War Generosity

Americans help people.

What did we do to Germany, Japan, and Italy after World War II?

We helped them rebuild their economies.

We brought them back to not just the quiet of no more war for a season but to a prosperous state wherein we promised to help protect them from others who might want to again play the aggressor.

Americans Did Not Deserve 9/11

Americans did not deserve 9/11. I really don’t care what the Rev. Jeremiah Wrights, Ward Churchill’s or Bill Ayers2 of the world think, Americans are generous to a fault and want to make the world a better place.

9/11 is a hell of a way to repay our generosity and aid to others. What is amazing is that 9/11 did not change that basic nature.

Best Regards,






Tim Singleton

1 I know doctors from other countries also contribute their time. This is not to minimize their value, but we are talking about Americans on 9/11.
2 Bill Ayers was a Weatherman. His group bombed American buildings and reportedly killed 7 Americans.


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