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Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan Requires Knowledge or Research

This should be obvious. For whatever reason you have come to the conclusion that you need aTim and MJ social media marketing plan. If your marketing budget has lots of excess cash or if you have beaucoup cash that bothers you because it creates an unsightly bulge in your pants or purse you can just buy pay per clicks from Google or Facebook.

Maybe this looks as though I think pay per click, or ppc, is a bad thing. I assure you I do not. I just know many people starting out are a little leery of getting stung by a big ppc bill with little or no return on their money.

Make no mistake, this happens. I just happen to think that throwing money at a poorly understood problem works about as well in the private sector as it does in the public.

Starting with a plan to generate organic, FREE social media traffic will help you understand the channel and provide permanent, ongoing dividends.

What Are Your Competitors or Folks You Admire Doing?

What is their strategy? Can you duplicate what they are doing? Do you know, exactly, what it is they are doing?

If you don’t, you can waste both time and money, lots of both.

Know what your competition is doing.

Focus, Do Not Multitask

While social media marketing is going to be more and more important as time goes on, it is equally important that you focus on one thing at at time until that thing is making you money. What does that mean?

It means play to your strengths. If you are a writer and love writing, then blog posts and article marketingĀ areĀ natural places to start for you. Focus on it until it makes you money. Posting your articles on a regular1 basis to your Facebook Fanpage as well as to your blog would be a good implementation of using social media in conjunction with this strength. You can even automate the process to where when you blog, it automatically posts to your Facebook Fanpage as well as to your other social media sites.

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan Means More Than Facebook

There are scores of social media sites out there other than Facebook. Twitter, YouTube, Plurk, LiveJournal…the list literally goes on and on. You will need to go and determine which of those sites fit with your offering because, as you will find no surprise, your target market may gravitate towards a certain spectrum of social media.

Then again it may not. If you have the energy and time it is not a bad idea to have at least some small presence on and auto posting to as many social sites as you can manage.

Understand The Long Haul

Social Media marketing is still in the stage of being as much alchemy as science, as much rhythm as ‘rithmetic. Having said that, a good place to start is to understand that a commitment needs to be made to carve out your place in the social media space.

Make ‘Mastering Social Media’ to your business plan what a basic theorem is to a mathematical proof. It is one of the places you start. If that analogy leaves you cold, think of Social Media as one the four tires on an Indy car. If it is a little flat, you’re not going to run the race of promotion as fast as you can.

Learn From Those With a Track Record

You could also learn from the folks who know what they are doing, have a track record of succeeding with social media, and want to teach you how to succeed with it.

Free Training Video!!!

You cannot beat free training by those who want our industry to grow.

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1 Some folks are rabid about posting every single day being the requirement. Guess what? I know folks who have posted every day for six months and not gotten a single sale. Don’t let that discourage you. In many cases they were posting crap. They were posting poorly rewritten articles that are all over the Internet in order to post something. You are better off posting good, quality, useful, relevant content a couple of times a week.