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New To Online Marketing?

New To Online Marketing?

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Online Marketing Jobs

Up front, I want to be clear that if you are looking for online marketing jobs this is not where you want to be. This article is aimed at the entrepreneurial type who is looking to master online marketing strategies that will help him or her move their own products and services or those things for which they are acting as affiliate marketers.

Online Marketing Companies

It is an easy position to defend to say that all companies are ‘online marketing companies’ these days. They range in size and capacity from your local web designer who is using Google Neighborhoods to build his clientele of small businesses for web design services to the multi-million dollar advertising agency serving companies like Amazon, eBay and so on.

…and then, of course, we have you.

The question is, what is it you are trying to do online?

What Does Your Brand Say About You?

We here at Earthtiger Networking are in the business of helping you learn to brand yourself and market you to your customers. So, in order to succeed at online marketing definition of your target market and positioning yourself as an expert to that market is critical.

“How do you do that?” you ask.

Branding: Your Customers Are Buying YOU, Not Your Product

Folks do not like to be sold; folks like to buy. I agree the issue is somewhat a fine point at first blush, but the difference is critical.

You can spend your time selling, exhausting because you have to start over again next month, or you can spend your time building a relationship with a customer which means they will buy from you every time they have a problem you can solve.

Don’t sell, market.  To be specific, engage in attraction marketing.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing means to provide value to your market place before they ever buy from you. I know that sounds somewhat unintuitive, especially if you are in financial clench mode.

To build long term, repeat business customers you have to prove that you are:

  1. Interested in solving their problems
  2. Capable of solving their problems.

You do this by solving small problems up front for free, aka ‘providing value’ so that when big problems come along they already know and trust you. Knowing you and trusting you means they are willing to buy from you.

One of the ways you can do that is look at your personal knowledge base and skill set.  Is anything in that knowledge base related to the goods and services you are offering?

In online marketing PDF downloads make for really powerful marketing pieces for you. A really strong move you can make is to put together a paper, as in a downloadable PDF, exploring that area of your expertise and give it away for free.

Now, you can do that as a way to provide value up front or you can also use it as a free incentive with the purchase of something else.

Hope this helps.

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