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Self-Confidence and the Six Fears


“You Can Do It if You Believe You Can!”

We have all heard this in one form or fashion over the years. Some decide they do believe it and go on to success. Others say they believe and they are going to get right on it

…just… as soon as… fill in the blank of whatever excuses we have all heard and made over the years.

Telling me or someone else you believe you can achieve does you exactly no good, other than it is probably good for you to hear the words coming out of your own mouth.

Self-Confidence and the Skeptic

If you have all this self-confidence you claim to have, why are you not stepping up?

To address a different segment of readers, if you know you have no self-confidence do you know why? Why is it you see folks you know are not as smart as you succeed?

I think I figured it out.

It occurs to me that folks with no self-confidence are their own worst skeptics. Somewhere along the line someone consistently doubted your ability to succeed. Even when you did, the huffy commentator opined, it was lucky you did not kill yourself or embarrass yourself and the family to no end.

What is it you are afraid of?

I don’t exclude myself from this question. I could not figure out what would paralyze me and wash from my brain all those so wonderful plans of action I would come up with while in the throes of being just as miserable at work as a hapless canine who just missed making it into the building door by inches during one of those hard lake effect snow storms I read about.

Seriously, I have made it home and been so tired but also frustrated because I could not keep my eyes open long enough to do anything and anyways, I could not remember all the pieces of the plan of action.

I did figure it out.

Six Basic Fears

The six basic fears are:

  1. The fear of Poverty
  2. The fear of Old Age
  3. The fear of Criticism
  4. The fear of the Loss of Love of Someone
  5. The fear of Ill Health
  6. The fear of Death

Why is it if you are so afraid of being in poverty you don’t just strike out and work until the sun comes up, drive to work, stagger back in the front door and work until the sun comes up again and do it until you are rich?

I have known two fellows who did that and they got it right in a year or less and started living the boo yee tuh ful life of Riley.

So, why not you? I haven’t a clue except to say that in my case I really did hate looking stupid to other people. Poverty was not the fear that was holding me back, it was the fear of criticism. Then something my sweet wife said got into my brain and worked its way down into the basement where those little @#$%ers Stephen King is always jawing about work away from the light of day.

She said, “What do you care what they say or think. They don’t pay our bills. It is just like arguing with a nut on the road. It resolves nothing and puts no money in your pocket.”

I paraphrased, but she was right.

Guard Your Mind; Only Accept Advice From Those Qualified To Give It1

“oh, that’ll never work,” says a friend. At which point you meekly surrender all your dreams and go back to whatever it is that feeds you but makes you miserable.

That sounds more like a drug habit than a job now as I look at what I just wrote. Anyhooo….

Look where you friend who just offered you his grand and oh, so sophisticated opinion on your dream lives!

Most likely he ain’t living your dream, either. Why would you take advice or correction from another loser? I don’t mean that to be harsh; I just mean why would you take advice on what you want to do from someone who is incapable of doing what you want to do?

Find Your Fear

Work you way through what it is you are really afraid of so that you can put it in context. Once you figure out that fulfilling your dreams of building a healthy business online will relieve you of most of what you are afraid of you just might catch on fire and start putting in the work.

What We Are Working on Now

We are showing people how to earn more cash back on top of what they earn now, often taking their cash back rewards into the double digits. Folks are walking away from 7 figure incomes and getting on board with us.

Did I mention it is free?

Go here to check it out now.







Tim Singleton

1 Stay tuned for an in depth article on why guarding your mind is so important.

Network Marketing On the Internet Part 2

When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.
When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.

Yesterday we talked about the fact that Network Marketing On the Internet works, why it works and for whom it works.

Today we will cover some more points that I have learned by watching my mentors and also through experience.

If you have been struggling up until now, relax. It is not your fault. If you act on bad information you will get bad results.

You have arrived where you get accurate, actionable answers.

When Your Warm Market Is Not So Warm

Not being a social butterfly as most people are not, I needed a plan that did not rely on to whom I was related, with whom I worked, and to whom I might run into at the grocery store.

For most folks this is very uncomfortable and is the place where the rubber hits the road on how badly you want it. Do you give up or do you press on through to the other side where you are not limited by who you know?

Remember this, you don’t know 90% of the people with whom you will eventually build your business.

Check List

So, another short check list for what network marketing requires is:

  • A basic understanding of how online marketing works
  • Understanding what successful people in online marketing, specifically network marketing online, are doing

It’s So Easy!

No, it isn’t. There are a ton of things you need to do on a daily basis to get started. Think of the old analogy where a rocket or space shuttle burns up the majority of its fuel within yards of the launch pad.

Learning any new skill is an effort so relax and understand it is a part of the process. There are things you have to put into place in order to build a house, run a marathon, discover a new cure…whatever. There are things you have to put into place. So, understand that you cannot spend a couple of twenties, one time, take a 10 point checklist that you execute for a week and retire on residuals. The good news is we teach you how to automate these things.

What is your message? You have to have a blog to tell it. How will they buy? You have to have the links set to make it easy to buy. “My company has a website so I don’t have to worry about that stuff,” You say.


You business, if it is to have long term success, has to be primarily about the relationship between you and your distributors.

If you rely on the company with whom you have signed up, you are building a relationship between your customer and the company, not you and your distributor.

You must lay a solid foundation for your business, which comes about by accepting the basics of network marketing online and implementing them.  After a time, you’ll be able to enjoy a passive monthly income which involves only the minimum effort on your part.

When You Get Paid

There are few things in this life that compare with seeing money being deposited into your bank account daily.

There are few things to compare with going to the mailbox knowing odds are high there is a check1 in there.

Think about it. How is your life going to be different if rather than dancing with your bills between paychecks everything is on autopay because there is always a positive, growing balance in there?

Instead of living for the day when you finally have your car paid off you set it to autopay and its pay off comes as a complete surprise when the title arrives from the finance company. How are you feeling knowing your choice of cars is your main decision to make because you are going to pay cash for it?

Track Record

When researching online network marketing you’ll come across hundreds of people that claim to be the genius in this business, and then they will try to sell you info. You’ll instantly be sent through to a squeeze page, your info picked up, and then you will be overrun by all kinds of offers designed to set you on fire, plenty of which “will never be seen again at this price” – it’s not true.

Don’t even go there, the majority of these folk earn great incomes yes, but the bulk of their money comes from folks who want to do things the easiest way and magically earn a six-figure income overnight.

I’m not saying all these folks are lying, what I’m making an attempt to say is it’s difficult to find the very few honest people that are going to show the proper way to do things.

The best folks share their information for free2 and help you.

Finding a Network Marketing Mentor

A good coach, someone who is already manufacturing the results you hope to provide promoting network marketing on the internet, will tell you one of the most vital things that you must find out about internet marketing is that it is still a people to people, relationship business that needs talent, work and a significant investment in time and energy.

This is not to say you only need to work with those who make big money online. Remember, when you are starting your business tonight or tomorrow or next week and so, you are going to have to be able to explain why someone should do business with you.

Do a gut check. Do you believe this person will be there to answer questions or do they just want your monthly subscriptions. One of the offsets of working only with the super guru is if you are having a lot of trouble, who is more likely to be accessible to you, the newbie? A man who has thousands of reps with which he has to interact to some degree or the fellow who wants to make sure you succeed because his success depends on helping folks like you succeed?

Look at the track record of the tools which your prospective sponsor is representing. Did he write them himself? Okay. What is its track record? If he is as new as you, to what resources does being in business with him bring to the table? He should be able to answer this more than fair question as well as why they work.

It’s a real business. Not a get rich quick deal.

But it can be a get rich deal.







Tim Singleton


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2. We give away more free training than most have in their for sale line up. Go here and sign up for our free weekly training seminars by 6, and 7 figure income earners.

Network Marketing On the Internet Part 1

How Does Network Marketing on the Internet Work?

It does not matter what your personal position on networking, multilevel marketing, or affiliate marketing is, many folks are making solid 5 and 6 figure incomes doing it.

They stay home when it snows like you want to do. They don’t have to watch the news to see whether they can stay home out of the craziness that is sure to follow the first hard snow in months (or years as is the general case here in Alabama.) They just do it. Besides, likelihood is that all their meetings were online anyway, they will just do it with hot cocoa instead of a nice, ice filled soda.

Homeworkers, whatever their discipline

  1. Stay home
  2. Avoid the company rat race
  3. Work the hours they want to work
  4. Have the satisfaction of controlling the size of their paycheck.

It works because some folks want to be in business badly enough that they keep looking until they find a plan that works for them.

The Online Marketing Field Is Intrinsically Equal Opportunity

The Internet does not pick favorites; you do the work, you do it right and you get paid.

Your age, your social position, your experience, how tall, how fat, how pretty you are…none of it matters. Again, you do the work and do it right and you get paid.

A lot of folks who have been in sales all their lives are using the Internet to supplement their pensions.

Many folks who have NEVER enjoyed any significant financial success when confronted with an extra 40 to 60 hours a week free time after retirement have found an unexpected land of plenty in the digital outback.

College Students! Pay Attention! This Matters! I Know

Many college students are completely avoiding the con game of student loans and funding their way through college, finding in some cases they will never need a job because they have built a business. (Beats the hell out of flipping burgers and yes, that is a quote.)

By the way, college boys and girls, this means:

  • You will never be yelled at by the boss
  • You will never worry about having to find something to talk about at the company Christmas party
  • You will never have to worry about being passed over for promotion
  • You will never have to worry about being laid off for a while
  • You will never have to worry about being fired
  • You will have absolute, 100% control over the causes to which your company contributes

The Basics about Network Marketing on the Internet

Here is the winning combination I found after many years of failure. Yes, I failed many times to get it right. I failed at some company whose name I forget that was doing wholesale groceries. I failed at Melaleuca. I failed at Quixtar.

What did they have in common? They had these in common:

  1. Awesome products and services. I still like to use various products from both the latter two companies. Melaleuca toothpaste and Amway’s SA8 line of detergents are simply fantastic products by which you will judge all others.
  2. They all had a business plan based on 99.5% of distributors failing.

Anyways, the first winning combination I found was:

  1. First, understand that most of these companies know distributors will fail 99.5% of the time.
  2. Second, realize I needed a different plan if I were to succeed.

It was a bit of an epiphany for me, realizing I needed a different plan.

Their plan bets on my losing. I needed one that bet on me winning and actually went to the trouble of giving me the tools TO win rather than waiting for me to drop out and leave behind the friends and family I had sold on trying the company’s products.

When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.
When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.

Secondly, I am using the Internet which means my content will be visible to hundreds of millions of people, all of whom are quite able to know when they are being sold. My mentor said to, “Stop selling and start helping folks.” I had never really thought about it but he was correct, folks need a reason to do business with me, just as yours will need a reason to do business with you. That means you solving problems for them as you build a relationship with them. This is called Attraction Marketing and it means the difference between less than 1/2 % working themselves into the money ring and …more than 1/2% making it.

You see, it is not your fault that you are not making any money. Yes, it depends on how hard you work, but that statement needs clarification. It depends on how hard you work at doing the right things.

Most of the things you read are designed to make you buy. What I am telling you here is what I have learned through hard work, much of the time doing the wrong things, and what is working for me in terms of building a real business.

You need to come back tomorrow because I will cover then cover more of the details of the plan I have for myself and for my distributors.







Tim Singleton