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Dr. Sleep by Stephen King

Dr. Sleep

The ultimate fate of Danny in ‘The Shining’ always made me think sometimes about what would happen to the tot who talked directly to your mind. As always Stephen King surprised me. I figured he would show up somewhere in ‘The Dark Tower’ series after the manner of the little artist from ‘Insomnia.’ Instead, he winds up with a confrontation with a band of gypsy like vampires of ‘The Night Flier’ variety.

Reading Is Fundamental     …and Preferred

Danny’s Story Gets Told In Dr. Sleep

Thankfully, Danny Torrance would go on to be another of those rather large pieces of another universe that got pulled whole cloth from the strange basement level soil which is the mind of Stephen King. As always, King steps on the edges of appropriateness and believability and yet manages to escort the reader past the barriers of credibility to where shortly around page 90 you are hurrying home or foregoing a good movie at the matinee because, no, thanks, ‘Guardians of the Universe,’ I need to see what is happening with Danny and Abra. The fact that the book is an inanimate object that can wait is entirely irrelevant, thanks very much.  

Abra: Will we see more of her? Hope so!

Not that anyone cares, but Abra takes the form in my head of the little girl who stood on a stool at Jacksonville University to look through a telescope during a mathematics competition. 1980? Yes, I believe that is correct.  She asked me if she could use my broad shoulders to steady herself. I was stupid for the better part of two hours. Seventeen year old wannabe mathematicians, it seems, are not immune to blonde curls and perfume no matter how super geeky they may be.

Danny, surprisingly or perhaps not so much, took many of the winding roads that myself, Stephen King, and a neighbor you know took before finding traction.

Dr. Sleep will keep you up all night; I know from personal experience.

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