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So, You Want To Learn Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing channel that uses the efforts of affiliates (people like you) to promote their products and services in exchange for a reward. It is performance based in that you only get paid if your efforts result in a sale.

You are generally able to pursue whatever advertising methods you prefer as long as you don’t spam or conduct yourself in an unethical or illegal way when promoting their line.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

To break it down into its most basic steps:

  1. Pick a product you want to promote.
  2. Pick a channel through which you want to promote that product.
  3. Create a piece of content appropriate to the channel you pick.
  4. Drive traffic to that piece of content.
  5. Cash your checks.

The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing schools of thought cover a wide territory because there have been a lot of approaches to it that have worked for the people trying them.

When they enter the arena of teaching others, they tend, quite logically, to teach what they did and do because it works for them. The problem is, that approach does not take into account the changing algorithms of Google and other search engines.

To learn affiliate marketing free up your mind from preconceived notions of what works. Concentrate on answering the question of what is working now.

What Is Working Now?

You cannot just throw up a page that says, “This is so wonderful; you should buy it through me.” If it were that easy you would not have the potential to make big bucks and live a fine lifestyle working from home.

Traffic generation techniques are what are working. If that sounds completely Foggy in the FOG factor theme of writing, it is meant to be so for a reason.

You can create the most scintillatingly interesting article ever written but if no one comes to it you are still dead in the water with no sales.

You have to effectively drive traffic, eyeballs, to your page if you want to succeed.

Without traffic you are like a man in the desert yelling for water.

How To Drive Traffic; Traffic Driving Methods That Work

Solo Ads – Someone with an audience with interests aligned with your target audience allows you to send an ad to his email list. That list is composed of people who have agreed to receive ads because they want information. Solo ads do cost money, but generally not much. If they do not produce, use a different solo ad provider.

Facebook Ads – Pick a budget that you can live with, something like $5 or $10 a day. I am currently using $6 a day, myself. That way you don’t spend a lot of money on an ad that does not perform well because you can tweak it every day. There is an art to it; you do not want to sound desperate.

Blogging – Blogs are awesome, mainly because Google loves them. Google especially loves the ones running on WordPress that provide original, engaging content. One of the main reasons is WordPress blogs are easily and efficiently indexed by their search engine spiders.

YouTube Videos – Hmmm, now, why in the world would Google love YouTube videos over other video sources? They do, but why would that be? It is because Google owns YouTube?

Moving people from your blog to a YouTube video you created to link to your blog post means Google is going to have advertising and revenue opportunities. They reward you by driving traffic to your video by ranking your page when folks look for what you are writing about.

SEO means search engine optimization. Most know the phrase; few know the science. SEO means you structure your blog post so that Google knows it is relevant, informative, and most importantly, unique.

Quickie Course On Blogging

“What do I blog about?”

“I don’t know what to write about.”

These are easily answered questions and you will never run out of ideas if you note the following ideas.

  • Books
  • Things you have learned
  • Courses you yourself have taken and your experience with them

Books related to your business or product. Write a review and whether you recommend it or not. If you do recommend it, grab an affiliate link.1 You can also write a Top Ten Things I Learned kind of thing about the book.

Things you have learned along the way about what you are marketing is always helpful. People appreciate it and when it helps them in their lives they begin to trust you. Remember, you are marketing you as a trusted resource first. People buy from those they trust.

Courses you have taken are powerful sources of blogging material. Remember this short acronym: ILT.

ILT can make you rich. What does ILT stand for? Invest, Learn, Teach.

Invest, Learn, Teach

Invest in courses that teach you needed skills. Learn the material in the courses and apply it in your own marketing and business efforts. Teach others what you have learned through blog posts and YouTube videos.

By doing this ILT method repeatedly, you will begin to develop a corp of folks who trust you and watch and read your material on a regular basis. When they are ready to buy courses and move forward with either using the product and service you are recommending as an affiliate or building a business of their own you will be their go to guy or girl.


Here are some resources for you to check out. Most have free videos that will provide you some effective basic education on their respective channels so make sure to have a notebook handy when you watch.

Follow the links and you will soon have a good basic foundation in affiliate and Internet marketing. I want to be clear here in what I am offering. There will be an opportunity to buy a complete, advanced course in these areas, created by folks who have proven their methods work. The introductory videos themselves and by themselves have tremendous value so, as I say, take notes when you watch them.

  1. My Lead System Pro Mastery
  2. Social Media Mastery, Facebook
  3. Tube Traffic Mojo
  4. Predatory SEO

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Tim Singleton

1. Always make a note if you are to be compensated for a purchase. It is the right thing to do. I am an affiliate for the products linked to here. It is my goal to help 1,000 folks be able to quit their jobs and I only recommend products I believe will be helpful in that goal.


Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate Marketing Tips, #1

The very first tip is to look at all the marketing channels you have before you, look at your natural tendencies, and decide for which channel you think your natural talents are most suited.

Not even a complete list...
Not even a complete list…

Do you like to write letters, long emails and keep a journal? Then maybe content marketing and blogging are a natural fit for you. Are you a ham and love being in front of the camera? Then YouTube marketing is perhaps where you should start.

Whatever you decide, do it and do it several times a week. I am not going to beat the drum of do it every day but I do think four to five times a week is a good idea. Sometimes you need to take a break so you can put something good together rather than rushing out something half @$$ed, you know?

Pick on method and do everything you can to master it.

If you find you are getting no results, ask yourself whether you are really focusing on one method or if you are shotgunning it. If you are not shotgunning it, ask yourself if you are consistent in your marketing efforts. Marketing takes time to gain traction.

FOCUS on one strategy to profitability.

-said everybody who ever made any money on the Internet

Affiliate Marketing Tools

You know all those Capital One commercials asking you, “What’s in your wallet?”

Ask yourself what is in your affiliate marketing toolset.

Well? What is in your affiliate marketing toolset? If you are like most folks the question never occurred to you.

Thing is, when you do keyword research and you find a word for which you think you can compete you need to look at the number of searches for that keyword. Under 500 is a good place to start for the new person. When you create a piece of content with the purpose of making a profit, you need to understand that you need to craft it in such a way that it winds up on page one of Google’s search results.

Google’s Keyword Planner is free. I don’t use it. I use Market Samurai because it breaks everything down in terms of what my competition is doing, what their page rank is, how many backlinks they have, and so on.

My personal toolset includes

  1. Posting On Purpose for Profit1
  2. Audience Builder Pro2
  3. Rank and Stick SEO3
  4. My Lead System Pro’s Mastery Program4

Affiliate Marketing and Backlinks

Simply put, if your toolset will not create more backlinks than your competition you will not be on the first page of Google and any traffic you get will be either accidental or from other sources …which is perfectly fine. You just need to know that the majority of people do not look past page one of Google and job one of your SEO toolset needs to be to create backlinks to your page to maximize your chances of being on page one.

You can do this yourself by spending the time or you can invest in tools that do it for you. Either is fine as long as you know how many your competition has so you can set about the business of creating more than they.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Blogposts and YouTube Videos

Earlier, Google’s Keyword Planner was mentioned as was Market Samurai. YouTube also has a Youtube Keyword Tool you can access by clicking here. It is not as up to date as Google or Market Samurai’s tools as it is new, but it is not a bad idea to cross reference between YouTube’s tool and whichever keyword tool you use.

Here are some quick and dirty blog post and video SEO tricks:

  • Have your keyword in the title
  • Have your keyword in the file name
  • Description should be about 4-5 sentences with your keyword used in them. Don’t over do it; just write a good short paragraph about your chosen keyword.
  • If you are making a video about a particular product and not linking it to a blog post because you are engaging you YouTube affiliate marketing, make sure your capture page link is the first line of the video description, and the last. This really is critical.
  • Post about your video with links to it in your social media accounts.
  • Use timestamps with your keyword in the description. YouTube will automatically create a bookmark at that point in your video as well as take note of another instance of your keyword for search and indexing purposes. This increases keyword depth without ticking off Panda.
  • Google favors YouTube…probably because Google owns YouTube. While you can and should post videos to other video sites, you need to keep posting to YouTube, too.
  • Backlinks. Create backlinks. Say it with me, “Backlinks are good; backlinks are sexy; backlinks will make me rich AND sexy, too.”  Well, rich anyways.

Now, the next thing I want you to do is click here and register for a free webinar that will help you take your affiliate and network marketing business to the next level. Do it now because you want to be in the very next presentation so you can take advantage of this free affiliate marketing training.

If this has been helpful and you found any information that was of use, please comment and share below. Thanks!      <=== Share and Comment Below! ===>

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Tim Singleton


1 Posting On Purpose for Profit, 2 Audience Builder Pro, 3 Rank and Stick SEO, 4 My Lead System Pro’s Mastery Program

Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money From An Affiliate Website

Many folks new to affiliate marketing get in, get overwhelmed with the amount of information slung at them and leave. Sometimes, they are overwhelmed because for all the talk and video and exhortation from their upline they cannot for the life of them determine what are the actionable steps to take to make money.

How many times have you said to yourself, “Gee, that sounds wonderful but what do I do right now?

To much too fast leads to processing overload and often the new person just saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.” We don’t want that to happen to you or your folks.

First, You Have To Become An Affiliate

This part is easy. Look at the bottom of many of the pages on products and services in which you are interested and you will see a link saying something like ‘Affiliates’ or ‘Become an Affiliate Now.’ If you like their stuff many companies don’t mind giving you a cut for referrals. Fill out the form and they will send you a link. Very few do much in the way of qualifying affiliates. If they do, just chalk it up to them wanting to do right by their customers and that cannot be bad.

Past this step is where it gets dicey for the newbie affiliate marketer.

What To Do Now

First, understand that you have a learning curve to go through. Just relax and plan to spend the time. Often people just fly off at a tanget, engage in a bunch of activity they have never engaged in before and quit, angry that they even tried. I have never understood this mindset. I mean, what did you think would happen? That you would throw up some haphazard page and folks would knock you down trying to give you money? How I wish!

Understand you know nothing; resolve to change that.

Which brings us to you second step, learning.

You are going to have to get up to speed and that means reading, thinking about what you read and determining what your plan of action is going to be. This will mean either coming up with your own plan or implementing the plan of action others have used and which is known to work.

Does a resturanter start grilling in the parking lot while they are breaking ground for his building? No. Do things in order and you will have a much better result.

You have got to have a system. There are billions if not hundreds of billions of pages out there and you are trying to float to the top of the heap when someone starts looking for what you are offering.

Step 3 You have to have a system.
Understand that as a newbie, you need an integrated system. Whether you are looking at affiliate marketing or at MLM or network marketing, you have to have a system. Since you do not know how to put one together, you will have to find one.

Some Simple Steps You Can Take Now

Here are a list of things you can do that will help.

Permalink setup in WordPress

Make sure to set your WordPress to display both the category and the post name in the path. For instance, in WordPress 4.0 you would go to Settings, Permalinks and choose Custom Structure, entering in the path to look like this: http://www.yourdomain.com/%category%/%postname%/


If you are picking a particular product to promote, then it would be helpful to have the domain related to the keyword as well. If you are like me, however, and are promoting a number of products and services, then this is not critical and the previous permalink notes will do.

Use the keyword in question in your section headings.

Not every time, but scattered throughout the post. If you include the keyword you are using in every heading of your post Google might see this as keyword stuffing and penalize you in your rankings.

Some blog variants give you the option of including a 160 character description of your post. You will want to use your keyword here, of course, as well as in your tags.

Picking Your Tags

Once you have decided on a keyword, go to Google, enter it into the search box and hit enter. Down at the bottom you will see a boxed off area called ‘Searches related to . These will be your tags.



The importance of backlinks cannot be overestimated in making your content rank. It is as much art as it is science. You can increase your backlinks by being on other sites and having your site as part of your signature. This is entirely legitimate; everyone does it and you should,too. Your spending time on other blogs, making helpful comments will help them and it will help you, too, since each comment contains a link back to your content.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an important tool in picking how you are going to market. Not taking the time to use this or a similar tool is going to make your efforts a waste of time. Myself, I use Market Samurai. Market Samurai breaks things down into all kinds of neat analytical categories. The ones you should be concerned with are page rank and backlinks.

I want you to Click here to check out Market Samurai for yourself.

It really is a very simple matter of getting more backlinks to your content than the competition. If your toolset can get your more backlinks your ranking goes up. When picking a keyword, looking at the backlink count is an important factor to consider.


Audience Builder Pro

Another solution is Audience Builder Pro. I use it. You need to go here and check it out as it is a subscription service that provides Panda proof backlinks. By only providing quality backlinks to your content, slowly, organically, over time it helps your content to rank and rank well.

The fact of the matter is, I don’t know of another product or service out there like Audience Builder Pro. You are getting backlinks from a private, closed network of something like 3,000 blogs and Web 2.0 sites. Over time I expect to be ranking as many as 1,000 or more backlinks to each post.

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Tim Singleton