How To Succeed In MLM Online

Are You Trying to Learn How to Succeed In MLM?

Well, you would think that picking the absolutely perfect product would mean you were destined for success. In that thought you would also be perfectly wrong. Were the previous in fact a true statement then everyone who started in MLM and networking would after a time work for the same company.

Truth is, a lot of companies make and sell a lot of good products and services. It does not matter what you sell so pick something you like and feel good representing, that you use yourself, and you will have started the journey.

How to Succeed In MLM? Follow A Proven Plan

Robert Kiyosaki often says that if you want to be rich, learn to do what rich people do. Then, and only then, will you have what rich people have and be able to do the things rich people often choose to do. As I sit here putting this piece together it occurs to me that the reason he says it so often is that he does not believe folks are listening to him or, if they are, they are not getting it. Likewise, if you want to be successful in online MLM you have to do what the super successful in online MLM do.

Sometimes that means listening to your upline. It may surprise you to hear me say, “Sometimes it does not.” Don’t get me wrong. He or she is doing something right. After all, they recruited you.

To shorten this point up, if you are not making quick progress doing what they advise, start looking to other sources for training. I guarantee you will not hurt their feelings. If you do, their overrides on your business will ease the pain of a whole lot of scabbed noses.

‘Success leaves clues’ For Those Looking to Learn How To Succeed In MLM

The idea that success leaves clues is both self-evident and a great secret to the masses. We know that the top MLM and Networking guys have all done it, and a lot have ‘done it their way.’ Some (like one of my mentors) focus on SEO and SAO. Others focus on blogging (like another of my mentors) while others focus on marketing. Just as it matters not what you sell; it does not matter how you sell it.

Just pick a marketing method and master it until you have it down cold and are extremely profitable.

Help Others Solve Their Problems

If you help others solve their problems they will help you solve yours. My mentor said to me, “Quit selling.” Quit selling and start helping others solve their problems and you will start building relationships of trust.

People buy from folks they trust.

Pick a Marketing Method and Master It

Master a single method first, then you can add other channels to your efforts. If you are like me, I know you will spend a week straining your brain on which method will make you money the fastest. Since I don’t know your talents or predispositions, there is no way I can advise you on that. I can tell you that in all the above things we have talked about:

  • Are you looking to learn how to make money in your online MLM business?
  • You are looking for an online business that will make you money.
  • Success Leaves Clues. Those who succeed have shared traits; do what they do and you will have what they have.
  • Pick a marketing method, one that you like is as good a choice as any, and master it to the point of profitability before jumping to another one.

Looking at all these points there is one company that stands out in

  1. Training provided
  2. Giving the new MLM/networker up front value with which he can build his or her name and reputation
  3. Giving the new MLM/networker products to be sold at high commissions, many at 100% without you having to own them first
  4. Detailed instruction on the four pillars of what all super successful online MLM/networks must master to succeed
  5. A track record of graduating many 5 and 6 figure earners amongst other MLM/networking companies that I don’t think has an equal…

That company is My Lead System Pro.  You should go here and check it out.

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Tim Singleton


Rank Content Fast, 24-48 hours

Rank Content Fast, 24-48 hours: Distinctions that make all the difference

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

Working as I do to provide attraction marketing training for network and affiliate marketing folks, I have access to just tons of training videos by the folks who have established themselves in the various aspects of our industry.

There is SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, and now, SAO which means social media authority giving Google Panda proof weight to your site. Still, many folks miss the boat in terms of what they are doing.

They understand that they want to make money.

They sometimes don’t understand that in order to make money someone has to buy something.

They don’t understand that they have to promote stuff.

Rank Content You Want to Promote

This means they have to write about products and services and ask people to buy.

Attraction marketing is premised on the idea that by providing worthwhile information and products up front for free, folks will understand that you really do have their best interests in mind and want them to not just buy from you, but that you really want them to succeed, that their dreams are important to you and that you want to help them acheive them.

Rank Content Fast by Posting On Purpose For Profit

What is your goal when you write? Sometimes I posted just because I found something interesting and had no real expectation of making money such as when I posted a review on The Strain on TNT.

When I posted an article on how to study for kids and college students. I suppose my motivation there was to help folks be able to make better grades in school and be better able to master information they may need for whatever reason outside of school.

What I did not know and had to find out by investing in needed tools was that this was a mistake. Google does not like it that you want to add variety to your postings; Google sees this as you trying to be clever and be a smart@$$. Why is beyond me, but hey, when you sit in a room coding all day it is no surprise to anyone that your brain and your perspectives change, sometimes strangely.

Rank Content By Focusing On One Niche

Focus and focus hard. All your postings need to be on your niche, which in our case is the duel strategy of network marketing and affiliate marketing, providing training to that niche. Don’t miss the boat on making sure all your affiliate marketing efforts are directed at network and affiliate marketing, too.

Rank Content By Cleaning House

Having said all that it is my plan to remove my post on ‘The Strain’ and move it to another blog, perhaps as a guest blog or establish a personal shoot the breeze kind of blog. The one on how to study I am going to rewrite with an eye towards how to study the instructional videos with pen and paper in hand.

Yes. If you want to master the information on the videos, you have to watch it, pausing often to take notes, rolling and relating the information around in your brain for a moment and then committing it to paper.  Yes, I know someone told you to post everyday and don’t worry about the content, just post everyday.

How’s that working out for you?  Right.

Take notes. It will help you master the material, help you be more valuable to your team, and the information will start getting embedded in your brain so that when you really do have to post a quick note in order to provide content you will have more really valuable insight on which to draw.

I am cleaning house by going back and looking at certain posts that might not have been directly related to my niche of helping struggling network marketers to become profitable. Some posts are going to get tossed; others will be rewritten to have relevance to my niche.

Posting for Profits Means You Have to Rank Content for Your Niche

When you post articles on specific products or about your particular opportunity, you need to remember that you are Posting On Purpose For Profit. That means your blog posts need to use SEO and SAO to maximize the amount of traffic that goes to your post. Social media approval is going to out perform SEO simply because Google continues to move the rabbit in such a way that trash is as likely to come to the top as relevant material.

Posting On Purpose for Profit will give you the basics, a five step process through which to put all your blog posts so that you can generate traffic, profits, or leads depending on what your aim is that day…and you do need to have a specific aim for a post, you surely do. You can check out Posting On Purpose for Profit here.

You do need to do keyword research. Then you will create content that goes to what people are looking for as revealed by your keyword research. That content can be a blog post, a video and such so that you can get them to your offer. You will need tools, some are free, some are not. Google Keyword Planner is free. Market Samurai is well worth the money since it is a one time fee and they keep it updated. You can check out Market Samurai here.

Remember, the key to online success is not just traffic, but targeted keyword traffic.

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Tim Singleton


How to Generate Free MLM Leads

Free MLM Leads

Try Searching Google, Bing, Yahoo or any heavy hitter search engine using the term “free MLM leads” and you are guaranteed to find an MLM lead generation company offering five thousand or even ten thousand MLM free leads.

Cheap. Easy peazy. You pays your money and you takes your names.

Getting these leads is easy. Fill out the company’s order form and badda bang badda boom, you are either emailed a list or given a location to download that for which you paid.

Still, take the time before you buy to think about what you are getting. Likely excited about your new leads (I know I was), are you sure they are qualified leads? Again, as likely as your excitement is, none of these leads are your target audience. You might even find your own name on the list. I know I did on more than one occasion when I went this route.

Learn from my experience.

Free MLM Leads? You prefer Quantity To Quality? Why?

Generating the name of an individual who is not only actively looking to start their own business but who also has the time and resources available to start immediately takes time and effort…and even more important, persistence. Besides, why would anybody offer to give away the names of folks they know are willing and able to buy into YOUR opportunity, service or product?

They are not going to do so. Any MLM free leads you could pick up will cost your contact info and money. Probabilities are you will now find yourself on a list that’s either given away or sold to beaucoup marketers interested in selling you something. Ironically, by buying the list you just became the most valuable name ON the list. Companies that give leads away for free put a little effort into qualifying those leads, in my opinion.

Leads that are generated by an effective long form by sincerely interested parties are time intensive to generate; it is improbable that they are going to give this information away for free. Telephone verified leads are more valuable. Again, it is highly improbable that they are going to give this information away for free. Most of these leads are generated by low resistance forms with a low value give away that nine times out of ten were probably driven as much by idle curiousity and a lottery mentality more so than a serious drive to own one’s own business.

Unless you generate good leads, and by good I mean someone who has thought about the idea of owning his or her own business and who has the money and temperament to stick with it, you are essentially spitting into the wind wasting time, energy and money.

Painstakingly generated leads consisting of someone who has thought about the idea of owning his or her own business and who has the money and temperament to stick with it are going to cost money. I have seen such leads go for over 10$ a lead. If you have the budget, fantastic. Most cannot spend what many spend for lunch on a single lead. Just saying.

The Best Free MLM Leads

This lead generation process does not have to be complicated if you use attraction marketing. The effectiveness of attraction marketing is beyond question. You can either embrace it or spend another whatever period you have spent so far in wasted effort. Attraction marketing will cost you time, but it will not cost you as much as buying good leads.

Most folks don’t fail in this business for lack of ability, hard work, or sincerity. (The failure rate is greater than 98%, by the way. We aim to change that.)

They just don’t know what to do and the ones they turn to, their upline, are often as generally ignorant of maketing as the person they recruited. The one thing they got right was that this business is built by building relationships.

Generate Free MLM Leads Through Attraction Marketing

As a for instance of attraction marketing’s call to providing value, write a short educational article addressing the wishes or concerns of your target market.

Place a call to action within the body of your article; publish and promote. Let the folks that are actively searching for your product or service or network marketing opportunity find you and initiate a relationship. I know this is hard because you think you have to sell. Quit selling and start helping folks solve their problems and you will begin to make money. A valid attitude is to see the money you make as a guage of how much value you are providing to your target market.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter offer fantastic paths to engage prospects; you simply have to offer something of worth to them.

Become an active member on topical forums, blogs, and inside social media; build your reputation by solving peoples’ problems.

Once folk learn how to trust you, once they understand that you know what you are doing, then gaining highly qualified prospects will be simple.

So here’s a simple way to generate your own free MLM leads and make new friends, without getting bombarded by thousands of irrelevant e-mails.

Best regards,







Tim Singleton

Robin Williams Dead In Apparent Suicide

Robin Williams, Dead at 63

Funny Man, Robin Williams, will be missed
Funny Man, Robin Williams, will be missed is reporting that Robin Williams is dead from an apparent suicide. As I have said in other venues, my first reaction was that it was one of those bogus false stories that some pointy headed morons think so funny to perpetrate on the public. Sadly, it appears to be true. I know he will be missed by his friends and associates, both past and present. Depression can take down the strongest of us, it seems.

Mork From Ork

My first introduction to Robin Williams was in Mork From Ork where he portrayed as alien visitor with unique interpretations of human activities. Lots of those unique takes I have come to realize had quite a bit of unique insight in them if you took the time to really think about what he said.

Rob Williams, Actor, Teacher

Likewise, his portrayal of teachers in ‘Goodwill Hunting,’ and ‘Dead Poets’ Society’ gave Robin Williams the opportunity to portray teachers as we all wish we had had but only a few of us were lucky enough to actually enjoy. The act of a man helping young men to actually develop the capacity to think and evaluate what is good and right in life is a heavy burden. Robin Williams’s portrayal of a man who actually understood the value and responsibility of his position as a teacher has stuck with me these many years.

Rest In Peace, Robin Williams.

You can read’s article here.

MLSP Has Entirely Too Many Training Videos – MLM Training

MLSP Has Entirely Too Many Training Videos

Loving our time at the beach. Slow beach days are some of the best!
Loving our time at the beach. Slow beach days are some of the best!

Imagine someone is saying the above words in a ‘Vassah’ accent. Then imagine it in the totally wounded and put upon voice of a 16 year old teenage child of either gender who has recently come into that adolescent moment of glory when they realize they know just everything there is to know and will brook no instruction from the ignorant aged.

For good measure you could also play it in the words of the disaffected minimum wage factory worker. This fellow, armed with his absolute adolescent omniscience, dropped out of school at 16. Now, he always vote to stick it to the rich because it is not fair that he should earn only $7.25 an hour breaking his back, standing all day on hard concrete, and generally working himself into an early grave while those ‘college joes’ get paid all kinds of big bucks for sitting at a desk and talking on the phone.

Anyone can sit at a desk and talk on the phone! (True story: I once had a relative who worked in a cotton mill say a doctor should earn no more money than he, that the doctor was no better than he, no one made him choose to go to all those years of school.)

21 MLM Training Videos (and counting…)

I mean, really. Does MLSP absolutely have to give me 21 videos of training to show me all my options, how to configure them, and some ways to use them that have resulted in a many a rep being burdened with 5 figure monthly incomes?

Could they not instead compress it down to a twenty minute montage with the appropriate inspirational background theme music…maybe ‘Eye of the Tiger’ punctuated with a tearful mother who is able to stay home with her babies, relaxing by the pool looking on with an appropriately beatific smile while the checks just roll in? If they would do that I could finish up my task list for the day and catch the latest episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

I mean, it is enough to almost make you think MLSP is actually trying to give you your money’s worth!

MLM Training Will Provide Surprising Insights Into Yourself

Network marketing training will surprise you. Once you quit thinking about doing it, then you quit talking about doing it and actually DO IT, that is. A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany. I struggled over whether to write about it or not because it frankly makes me look bad. Then again, says I to myself, maybe my wrestling with stinking thinking can help you.

I was getting impatient to get everything set up, see…because ‘I wanted all my pages out there now!‘ I was in a hurry. Everything needed to be up and perfect and it needed to be so now! Right now!


I Have To and I Have To RIGHT NOW!

I had to blog. I had to get those posts syndicated. I had to set up a new auto responder. I had to get my Facebook pages setup. I need to install the popup software that Rob recommended. I had to research the costs of per click for my Facebook page. No, I did not,; I am sticking with the free leads I get. Yes, I am; I am in a hurry. No, I did not,; I am sticking with the free leads I get…

I needed to hit the boards because there is simply no substitute for interacting with and actually helping marketers with their immediate questions. 99% of these question have absolutely nothing to do with my position as an active distributor building his own teams in several businesses as well as providing generic, objective training to some very fine folks who will never be on my own personal teams. However, that help, that aid, that education, that high value…  is exactly the core product I went into business to provide.

Back and forth as I make decisions that were formerly made and proved productive, I had a very comforting realization.

MLSP More Than Gives You Your Money’s Worth

The Guru Lie: MLM Training Is Easy and Takes Just Minutes a Day

All these ‘gurus’ who lie to you and tell you they only work 15 to 30 minutes a day to build a 5 and 6 figure income lie.

I know, I know. For a single payment of $39.95 this good fellow was going to reveal to you just all the secrets of online marketing…of real estate investing,,,,or maybe tax certificate investing.

MLSP Training: Complete, Proven, Superior MLM Training

Not even a complete list...
Not even a complete list…

The information, the training, the step by step videos, the support system to help you ease past the points where maybe your attention wondered or something is misspelled and you just cannot see, to catch it…

The special deals with companies like LinkLuv and GVO designed to give the beginner a leg up…

MLSP has proven it is serious about providing value to it’s members and the track record of those members proves the training works.

Come join us and let’s get your business on the fast track to profitability and longevity.

Best Regards,







Tim Singleton


MLM Leaders

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.


MLM Leaders was originally published on October 7, 2013. Since Earthtiger Networking had a meltdown with the backups, with which at the time Godaddy was not very helpful, I am going back and republishing some of those articles. I hope I am making good choices for the ones I repost. Like any of my writing, reexamination leads to at least some editing.

Always looking for perfection…

MLM Leaders – What Do They Know Exactly?

Is there something that MLM leaders are not telling others? Is there a hidden order of MLM leaders that keep certain facts in private?

Guess what? They do not have any secret systems; there is no hidden order. There is, however, one thing that MLM leaders do share and that is their mind-set and an entrepreneurial spirit.

MLM Leaders – Why Are They so Successful?

MLM Leaders Treat Their Businesses With At Least As Much Respect As They Would Their Jobs – If The Had One

Number one, and this is most important, they treat their businesses like a job -this is the way in which they earn their living. I suspect the number one reason folks fail and that in general only less than 1% succeed is the lack of discipline folks bring from their personal lives to their businesses. Rather than bring the respect one has for one’s job and getting things done by deadlines imposed either by yourself or your supervisor, you treat working your business plan as you would doing your laundry. You get to it when you can; a certain recipe for success.

MLSP has ‘The 10 Daily Steps To Fire Your Boss.’ Empower Network has ‘The Eight Core Commitments.’ If your business does not have a plan for what to do, everyday, you need to get one now.

MLM Leaders Never Say Die

They take their enterprises very seriously. It is not a part-time job; they don’t look on it as a hobby or past-time. They understand that by investing their money and time into their business, although they might have only invested about a hundred bucks to start, it’s what they want to do and how they ultimately intend to earn their living. They have the entrepreneurial mind-set. That’s a major part of it. They try hard, and they never say die.

MLM Leaders Move Like They Have A Plan

These entrepreneurs start their enterprises with a plan. They set out with a clarity of vision and a definiteness of purpose and they work continuously towards that. Their goals are practical, they know that setting impractical goals can only end in disgruntlement and failure.

They’re devoted and work really hard and do whatever is critical to achieve success.

MLM Leaders Know Social Marketing = Time

Profitable social marketing enterprises do take a long time to build, and the top producers had the experience to grasp when the right opportunity was presented to them, and then they put all of their efforts into it.

Persistence pays.

Forget the chances.

Forget the reversals; just learn from them.

MLM leaders work extremely hard. Many of them say they telecommute, but regularly spend many days off from home.

Many of them like to give the impression that they don’t work very hard, when actually they eat, live and breathe their enterprises.

MLM Leaders Sell The Dream

The most successful leaders in the industry understand that sponsoring and inducting is the basic way to make money, subsequently they’ll spend 80 to ninety percent of their time sponsoring and recruiting. That’s the whole MLM business model. The difference today is that you can use SEO(good) and SAO(better) to automate the process so that you are spending your time being creative, working with pre-qualified, interested folks and spending time with your family

You get paid for selling things, and there’s only so much product you can sell yourself, so by having an enormous team of distributors underneath you also selling stuff, you are leveraging those other people’s time to your benefit.

MLM Leaders – Are You In The Group?

Do you have what it takes to become an MLM leader?

“Of course I do,” you say.

Think about it.

Do you have the persistence to invest your time and spend the time required to create a business? Used to be this could take 5 years. Today some folks are doing it in a fraction of that because of marketing methods designed for the online world. Are you dedicated enough to commit your time every day towards promoting and moving your business forward?

When will you consider yourself successful? Is there a money figure you am considering? Do you have a plan of action because without one you’re not going anywhere! What is your promoting plan, and How will you go about coaching at team of absolute strangers to also be successful? What occurs if your company’s amazing product turns out to be a big fat failure after a couple of years. What will you do then?

It would seem that if there’s a secret to becoming a top MLM leader, it’s knowing how to be an entrepreneur. These folks will overcome all barriers to achieve success. Their main focus is always on marketing and improving their firms. On a daily basis they are going to be preparing or promoting their chance to others and planning perhaps a year ahead.

The best MLM leaders are concerned with the success of their groups; they know that their down line’s success can benefit everybody involved.

Have you got that powerful desire to succeed?

Best Regards,

Tim Singleton



How To Succeed In…

How To Succeed

In what? Whatever you like. I look at Rob Fore, David Wood, David Sharp and I say to myself,  “What sets them apart?” I think in all three instances, it was not having other choices. In some cases it was a life or death choice. In others, it was a hitting rock bottom or simply viewing the idea of living a life at others’ beck and call as the same as hell itself.

I can appreciate that opinion.

How To Succeed. Commonalities

We know David Wood lived in a van while he built his dream. Others would have taken whatever job they could find in order to have ‘a roof over his head.’ Rob…I say Rob because while I have never met the man in person I have conversed with him via email enough that I consider him a friend…he was confronted with what appeared to be a limited time on this old world in which to prepare for his family. He worked to build something before he had to go. Can you imagine? Some folks get depressed because they cannot afford to shop at Macy’s and have to ‘settle’ for Wal-mart. This fellow went out every day with a positive determination to succeed not knowing how much time he might have left.

I call that willpower. I call that a call to action on my part. Hellfire, I call that reason enough to quit whining and just go build a business and take my place where I know in my heart I ought to be.

How To Succeed: Willpower

Sometimes I think the will is the entire reason for this plane of existence. Will you choose to exercise your will for good or evil? Will you live your life in such a way that for a good period of your existence you willingly…there is that will thing again…surrender your birthright to exercise your will to someone else in exchange for a bowl of lentil soup?

Or will you just get up each day and do the things the successful have done and KEEP doing them until you, too, are successful? Believe it or not, I have come to know that failure is a choice, one that you have to make everyday.

Every day you get up you choose to either work towards success or slide towards failure.

“Successful people do all the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do. ” -John Paul Mitchell, Founder Paul Mitchell and Patron Tequila

How To Succeed: Choose To Do so

I am in the hunt. More than that, I am in the hunt to help others do the same. We are not just about making money here at Earthtiger Networking; we are in the business of building an underground railroad of freedom from corporatism.

What does that mean to you?

At first glance it may not mean anything. Then again, it could mean you spend more time with your kids or in the woods where you are happiest. Perhaps it is on the sea in your own boat listening to the lap of the water against the hull or to the eerie silence when the wind is calm and the sea looks for all the world like a plate of smooth glass stretching from horizon to horizon.

If you are trying to build a business in affiliate marketing or networking, Earthtiger Networking represents proven systems. We give away more training than most provide in their whole training line up.

Best Regards,

Tim Singleton

Attraction Marketing System

Dr. Sleep by Stephen King

Dr. Sleep

The ultimate fate of Danny in ‘The Shining’ always made me think sometimes about what would happen to the tot who talked directly to your mind. As always Stephen King surprised me. I figured he would show up somewhere in ‘The Dark Tower’ series after the manner of the little artist from ‘Insomnia.’ Instead, he winds up with a confrontation with a band of gypsy like vampires of ‘The Night Flier’ variety.

Reading Is Fundamental     …and Preferred

Danny’s Story Gets Told In Dr. Sleep

Thankfully, Danny Torrance would go on to be another of those rather large pieces of another universe that got pulled whole cloth from the strange basement level soil which is the mind of Stephen King. As always, King steps on the edges of appropriateness and believability and yet manages to escort the reader past the barriers of credibility to where shortly around page 90 you are hurrying home or foregoing a good movie at the matinee because, no, thanks, ‘Guardians of the Universe,’ I need to see what is happening with Danny and Abra. The fact that the book is an inanimate object that can wait is entirely irrelevant, thanks very much.  

Abra: Will we see more of her? Hope so!

Not that anyone cares, but Abra takes the form in my head of the little girl who stood on a stool at Jacksonville University to look through a telescope during a mathematics competition. 1980? Yes, I believe that is correct.  She asked me if she could use my broad shoulders to steady herself. I was stupid for the better part of two hours. Seventeen year old wannabe mathematicians, it seems, are not immune to blonde curls and perfume no matter how super geeky they may be.

Danny, surprisingly or perhaps not so much, took many of the winding roads that myself, Stephen King, and a neighbor you know took before finding traction.

Dr. Sleep will keep you up all night; I know from personal experience.

Best Regards,

Tim Singleton



Attraction Marketing System

The Strain

The Strain On FX Now

Seldom does Hollywood come up with anything new. The Strain is the exception. Not only did they manage to come up with a new twist on the old vampire legends they managed to wind it up with a new twist on the zombie apocalypse caused by a nasty infection. The culprit? Some pretty nasty looking parasitical worms.

Worms This Time, Not a Virus

Seeing those worms crawl out of the dirt the master bad guy came out of, we now see an explanation for why Vlad Dracul had to carry a box of his home dirt with him. The stories are not currently linked yet, but it would not surprise me to see a conversation on down the road that links this new creepy crawler somehow back to Bram Stoker.

Creative Minds Making Things Worse

I always say it in a laughing tone, but sometimes…when I wake up at three in the morning because my arms and lower back are giving me all kinds of hades… I ask myself is it not interesting that what science fiction dreams up almost always comes to pass?

Horror for me is, at its core, just intense science fiction. Not everyone agrees with me, but that is how I see it. If the writers could predict going to the moon, submarines, and cellphones why could they not be tuning into the same source when writing about things like a viral born zombie apocalypse? Or going a step further creating horror like a vampire whose power and zombie (for a time) followers are the result of a beneficial symbiotic relationship with a worm?

Some Things, Even Though Predictable, Are Carried Off Well

Yes, the relationship between Ephraim and his wife is the usual you-don’t- have- enough- time- for- me- and- I- don’t- care- if- you- are – trying- to- save- the- world- what- is- more- important- my- feelings- or- the- fate- of- the- human- race type of character lead in, but it  is believable. You are so caught up in the story as it unfolds that you don’t even raise an eyebrow at how many times the hero in a movie is being abandoned by their spouse.

I like the nictitating membrane touch. With strength and immortality additional visual strengths makes sense, too.

Too Much?

I don’t know, a third of Europe died from the Black Plague during the Dark Ages that ran from the 5th century to the 15th century while the Moors and such were running slaves from Europe to points South and West. More than a few Europeans left Europe for just that reason. The idea of a plague carrying a nasty type of strength and immortality seems a reasonable offset to a plague that only carries weakness and death.

What is really cool about the set up is that many folks don’t realize it, but if you believe in evolution,  this type of event happened to almost all higher forms of life on earth somewhere in the past. Mitochondria are the organelles that provide you with the ability to make ATP  (adenosine tri-phosphate) that gives you energy. Mitochondrial ancestors were a bacterium that decided somewhere along the line that living inside something else was a good trade off.

I don’t think I would recommend this for kids, as the violence is complete and intense. For grown folks with a taste for science fiction, horror and everything in between, it is a good show.

Best Regards,

Tim Singleton




You Have To Have Leads To Succeed

Without leads no business online or off can be successful, so understanding how to create highly-targeted leads is going to be the powerhouse behind your profitable business.

Sometimes A Lead Is Only Dead Weight

You may think a lead is a lead, but you are wrong. Buying a cold lead and generating a highly targeted lead may ultimately cost the same, but the latter is obviously better.

As an example, if leads haven’t been qualified in the selling process then you will kill yourself frittering away time on unqualified and disinterested prospects.

Your response rates drop, and business declines. It is a vicious spiral.

Generating Leads Can TAKE TIME

You Need to Get the Lead Out of Leads

Understand, the lead generation process can be labor intensive, both online and offline. The offline lead generation process involves driving to meet folks head to head, and lots of telephone calls. If you work a full time job, this process is obviously very limited for you.

If the leads are taken from fliers and forms filled in at trade shows, these leads have to be put into a database and then made contact with individually. Info might need to be despatched, which involves cost, and one way or another those leads need to be qualified and then stepped up to a sales department.

The sales office then has to go through more processes, thru to closing, which hopefully leads to a sale.

Online  Lead Generation: Simpler?

Online lead generation looks to be far more simple on the face of it, but if you’re the owner of your own MLM or network marketing company, you know that simply ain’t so. Rather than fishing in a sea looking for the right fish, you are fishing in a vast ocean of folks, none of whom have heard all about you, or your small business!

There are not many businesses that don’t need an initial investment to get it going, and obviously the more capital you can invest the quicker your business can take off and which will mean outsourcing the pointless jobs or things you’re not capable of doing yourself. Advertising at some particular point will always pull in more leads, if it’s done right .

If you’re asking why your website is not rewarding you with 1 or 2 sales by this time, as you have followed the entire menu of things you should do like writing quality articles, getting back-links, using autoresponders to pump your product through email campaigns and all that other necessary stuff, what are you doing wrong?

If success has not yet been acheived by the aforementioned stages, many entrepreneurs consider giving up and returning to the offline marketing world. Maybe they feel that they were good at such marketing, but on returning to this world, find that roles are scarce.

It is for that reason many individuals consider buying leads from marketing companies; this activity has a big disadvantage.

“I’ll scrape up some cash,” you say. “I should buy some leads,” you say, because it does make sense. When the web was young, it did. Now, the Web is worn and for you proclaim the Web is Won in your case, you need a system.

You’d be better off buying groceries than buying unqualified leads. Which corporations can you trust will be the 1st query, as the better the leads are the more pricey they’ll be, and only 1 conversion will be one costly loss-producing lead. You have just spent the last of your money and now you can’t buy any product to promote!

What you want is a reliable lead generation system that works, one that’s straightforward to learn and one that keeps you in control of the entire process.

Your lead starts with you and ends with you when you close a deal. You need a system that teaches you the very latest techniques of grabbing those focused and qualified leads, and will keep you current on the most recent, inventive strategies for getting you through the lead generation process easily, leaving you with more time to build and enhance your business.

You Need A System To Create A Lead Generation Process

You can go by the wayside, try to do it your way, be that fellow who listens to no one or you can get paid. There are folks out there who know how to generate leads, have generated leads, and who want to teach you how to generate leads for your business, too.

You need to get with someone who knows the score on generating leads and has the record to prove it.

Best Regards and rooting for your success,

Tim Singleton