Network Marketing On the Internet Part 1

How Does Network Marketing on the Internet Work?

It does not matter what your personal position on networking, multilevel marketing, or affiliate marketing is, many folks are making solid 5 and 6 figure incomes doing it.

They stay home when it snows like you want to do. They don’t have to watch the news to see whether they can stay home out of the craziness that is sure to follow the first hard snow in months (or years as is the general case here in Alabama.) They just do it. Besides, likelihood is that all their meetings were online anyway, they will just do it with hot cocoa instead of a nice, ice filled soda.

Homeworkers, whatever their discipline

  1. Stay home
  2. Avoid the company rat race
  3. Work the hours they want to work
  4. Have the satisfaction of controlling the size of their paycheck.

It works because some folks want to be in business badly enough that they keep looking until they find a plan that works for them.

The Online Marketing Field Is Intrinsically Equal Opportunity

The Internet does not pick favorites; you do the work, you do it right and you get paid.

Your age, your social position, your experience, how tall, how fat, how pretty you are…none of it matters. Again, you do the work and do it right and you get paid.

A lot of folks who have been in sales all their lives are using the Internet to supplement their pensions.

Many folks who have NEVER enjoyed any significant financial success when confronted with an extra 40 to 60 hours a week free time after retirement have found an unexpected land of plenty in the digital outback.

College Students! Pay Attention! This Matters! I Know

Many college students are completely avoiding the con game of student loans and funding their way through college, finding in some cases they will never need a job because they have built a business. (Beats the hell out of flipping burgers and yes, that is a quote.)

By the way, college boys and girls, this means:

  • You will never be yelled at by the boss
  • You will never worry about having to find something to talk about at the company Christmas party
  • You will never have to worry about being passed over for promotion
  • You will never have to worry about being laid off for a while
  • You will never have to worry about being fired
  • You will have absolute, 100% control over the causes to which your company contributes

The Basics about Network Marketing on the Internet

Here is the winning combination I found after many years of failure. Yes, I failed many times to get it right. I failed at some company whose name I forget that was doing wholesale groceries. I failed at Melaleuca. I failed at Quixtar.

What did they have in common? They had these in common:

  1. Awesome products and services. I still like to use various products from both the latter two companies. Melaleuca toothpaste and Amway’s SA8 line of detergents are simply fantastic products by which you will judge all others.
  2. They all had a business plan based on 99.5% of distributors failing.

Anyways, the first winning combination I found was:

  1. First, understand that most of these companies know distributors will fail 99.5% of the time.
  2. Second, realize I needed a different plan if I were to succeed.

It was a bit of an epiphany for me, realizing I needed a different plan.

Their plan bets on my losing. I needed one that bet on me winning and actually went to the trouble of giving me the tools TO win rather than waiting for me to drop out and leave behind the friends and family I had sold on trying the company’s products.

When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.
When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.

Secondly, I am using the Internet which means my content will be visible to hundreds of millions of people, all of whom are quite able to know when they are being sold. My mentor said to, “Stop selling and start helping folks.” I had never really thought about it but he was correct, folks need a reason to do business with me, just as yours will need a reason to do business with you. That means you solving problems for them as you build a relationship with them. This is called Attraction Marketing and it means the difference between less than 1/2 % working themselves into the money ring and …more than 1/2% making it.

You see, it is not your fault that you are not making any money. Yes, it depends on how hard you work, but that statement needs clarification. It depends on how hard you work at doing the right things.

Most of the things you read are designed to make you buy. What I am telling you here is what I have learned through hard work, much of the time doing the wrong things, and what is working for me in terms of building a real business.

You need to come back tomorrow because I will cover then cover more of the details of the plan I have for myself and for my distributors.







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