Mission Statement

As I said on the ‘About Earthtiger Networking,’ I want to provide a service and product of a particular quality. That is still not a mission statement although when I was composing it, it was my intention to make my mission statement a part of it.

Up front I want to thank my sweet wife for helping me so much with the typing since I injured both my arms at  work. Yes, I am still at a job as of this writing.


Obviously, being a capitalist, I am in business to make a profit. I will take modern society by the horns and say I make no apologies for that. Some look at folks like Warren Buffet and say, “No man deserves to make that much money.” I say, “Who the hades do you think you are, to put your personal chains upon what he or she could or should be entitled to earn?” The interesting thing about the modern Progressive is that their objection to profit is based not on making the lives of the poor better but rather to ensure that those who are capable of doing better do not do so. Or if they do indeed do better than others, they are not rewarded for that effort.

Frankly, I appreciate the millionaires and billionaires and yes, indeed, the secret trillionaires for showing the way. A man goes out and gets a job, let’s say. He feeds his family, clothes and educates his children, a worthy goal, admirable in every way. A man who chooses to be a business owner rather than an employee goes out and starts a factory? How many families does his effort feed, clothe and educate? For the man who is the beneficiary of the business owner to demand he earn less is outrageous. I don’t believe that is just my opinion; I see it as immutable fact.

Jobs versus Ownership

Admirable as it is, a job is the modern version of indentured servitude. Your life is at the leave of your employer, who, by controlling the size of your paycheck controls the choices to which you have access in life. I will break that out in detail later in a more in depth post but I do not think it takes too much honest thought to see why that is a true thing.

Underground Railroads

A business whose focus is to free people from a job so that they can enjoy their dreams by helping others to do the same is to me by definition an underground railroad. It is quite easy to see why the government prefers big corporations with thousands of relatively low paid employees over thousands of small businesses with large profits being paid to individuals based on their performance.

They are easier to tax.


Freedom to me is being able to do that which you enjoy, when you wish to do it. If you want to work from 9 to 5 the way most folks do, you can do it…because you DECIDED to do so. If you like to work three 13 hours days Monday through Wednesday and go to the lake for the rest of the week, you can. Not because your boss allowed you to do so, but because you DECIDED that was a better work schedule. If you want a larger home or a nicer car, you can do so without having to ask for a raise from someone else. You can simply go make the money and do it.

If you want to make the world a better place and you find yourself with tears streaming down your face at the sight of babies with worm stretched bellies crying for food, you don’t have to say you wish someone would do something; you can go to work and do something yourself. I say pray to God for help and then pray to God for strength to solve the problem yourself. Build something so when you see a need you can leave the angels to other things because ‘you got this.’ Like the Lord says, “Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness…”

Earthtiger Networking’s mission is to help folks who are trying to build themselves a life without a boss, one of being truly free, to do so on as fast a track as possible. I can think of nothing finer than to be present when a man is able to quit his job and live the life of a true freeman and know that Earthtiger Networking had a part in it.

This is my mission.

I stand ready to help you achieve yours.

Best Regards,

Tim Singleton

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