Do You Know What You Want?

Why Are You In business?

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

“I want to be free,” might be your kneejerk reaction. That is nice, but is it true?

“I want to be rich,” you say. Okay, but why? What is it that being rich will give you? We all know too many stories of folks who have an excess of wealth who sadly pulled the plug because they ‘could not take it anymore.’

What is it that being rich and being free of the need for a job will give you? I know what it will give me. It will give me the ability to say what is on my mind without it being a possible threat to my job.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the ability to be rude or just unconcerned with others but, folks, let’s face it. There is a lot wrong in the world and the news is full on a regular basis of someone getting canned because they took an unpopular position.

What Do You Want?

Unless and until you really know what it is that success in your business will bring you besides money and free time, I don’t know that you can convey the energy and passion of working with you to prospects.

What Is Important To You?

Lifestyle? That is fine, just embrace it and get passionate about it. I will be straight up about the fact that I have no great desire to have a new car all the time but boy, howdy do I ever want one of the new Corvettes now that the Stingray has been brought back! I also love the idea of having a ship with trans-Pacific capability.

To me those are about adventure, not riches and lifestyle.

Security? Yes, security is more secure while being a successful and profitable business owner. Business owners do not go to bed wondering whether their jobs are secure or if they will be downsized.

Family time is too short in your life? I am fortunate in that I hate the idea of leaving my wife for 8 hours at the office. Not everyone is in that lucky position, but working from home makes that want real.

Constitutional Convention

Sitting down with yourself or with your significant other and determining just, exactly, what it is you or the two of you want is a good way to spend a Saturday. Make an event of it. Plan a picnic and a place and just talk it out.

Call it my or our family or couple’s Constitutional Convention. Let’s really look at the future and decide what it is we really want. What are our core principles? What are the top ten things or qualities we want to be pillars of how we live our lives.

Wishes Are Cold Comfort; Passions Are Hot

Figure out what kind of day makes you feel like it could not get any better than this and determine what would have to be in place for that day to occur. Smell the air in your mind of that day. Feel the ease of your body knowing you are where you want to be and that anything, and I mean anything, that is troubling you now is a thing of the past.

Then let’s talk about what it would take to make that happen for you.







Tim Singleton


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