Robin Williams Dead In Apparent Suicide

Robin Williams, Dead at 63

Funny Man, Robin Williams, will be missed
Funny Man, Robin Williams, will be missed is reporting that Robin Williams is dead from an apparent suicide. As I have said in other venues, my first reaction was that it was one of those bogus false stories that some pointy headed morons think so funny to perpetrate on the public. Sadly, it appears to be true. I know he will be missed by his friends and associates, both past and present. Depression can take down the strongest of us, it seems.

Mork From Ork

My first introduction to Robin Williams was in Mork From Ork where he portrayed as alien visitor with unique interpretations of human activities. Lots of those unique takes I have come to realize had quite a bit of unique insight in them if you took the time to really think about what he said.

Rob Williams, Actor, Teacher

Likewise, his portrayal of teachers in ‘Goodwill Hunting,’ and ‘Dead Poets’ Society’ gave Robin Williams the opportunity to portray teachers as we all wish we had had but only a few of us were lucky enough to actually enjoy. The act of a man helping young men to actually develop the capacity to think and evaluate what is good and right in life is a heavy burden. Robin Williams’s portrayal of a man who actually understood the value and responsibility of his position as a teacher has stuck with me these many years.

Rest In Peace, Robin Williams.

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