How To Get Self-Confidence

Fear and Success

Tim and MJNot ‘Fear OF Success.’ ‘Fear of Success’ is a phrase I find objectionable and offensive.

The word ‘offensive’ has become an object of contempt for me, especially in this day and time when it seems everyone walks around like one of those old spiked sea mines just waiting to be touched off, or rather offended.

I don’t believe anyone is afraid to succeed. They are afraid to fail because failure has since childhood been held up as the end. Failure has been equated with death, death and condemnation for all eternity. Being labeled a failure has been equated with passing through the gates of Hell and into the Inferno and it is just so much BS.

“One of the irreparable losses to the human race lies in the lack of knowledge that there is a definite method through which Self-confidence can be developed in any person of average intelligence.” -Napoleon Hill

Fear, fear is what locks you down, freezes you up and exposes you to damage by dangers to which were you living as the human you were designed to be, given the talents to be, would be inconveniences to dealt with and checked off your Day-Timer to do list, not something that threatens to annihilate you as a person.

There is one thing that is indeed true about fear.

Where fear rules, failure is certain.

Overcoming Fear

Why do you think the action genre of books and movies is so popular? Because for a short time, somewhere around 3 hours or less, suspended disbelief has you in a position of complete and total self-confidence. Whatever exciting and endangering event occurs next, you know that you are going to come out of top.

It is Hollywood, after all and Hollywood wants you to come back.

You Need to Lose Your Temper

Man or woman, you need to lose your temper. That is my considered opinion.

You need to think about all those busy bodies who messed with your mind as a child, who spent time screwing around with other people’s lives at work instead of doing their jobs. You know the type, the aunt that tells you not to get too full of yourself because pride goeth before a fall and hang on a sec, I need to vomit. The boss who sneers at your job performance despite the fact that you KNOW you nailed it; you know you did a GOOD job.

You need to get mad and reclaim the fact that you are a child of Divinity and are entitled to success. YOU need to believe in yourself. YOU, yourself. Forget everyone and everybody else.

Forget about what your crazy old gall and wormwood bitter aunts thought of you, YOU need to believe in yourself. Remember that in many cases, the very people to which you should have been able to go to as you developed growing up failed you. Some out of ignorance, some out of spite. Either way, it was not your fault and you get to start over fresh from right where you are this very second.

What Happens When You Start to Believe In Yourself

People start to see a change in you. When they see that change they start to prefer your company. They will seek your opinion and value it.

True self-confidence is quiet and calm, not the loud boisterousness of the high school jock or the over ambitious Wallstreet Gekko types whose self-worth is measured by how much damage he can cause others.

Self-confidence is the true knowledge of what you are capable of while egotism is only based upon what you wish you knew or could do. Learn the difference because those who do know the difference can smell it.

If you have self-confidence, it is a good idea to let those around you discover it. The pride they feel in the discovery protects you from suspicions of egotism.

“Opportunity never stalks the person with a highly developed state of egotism, but brick-bats and ugly remarks do.” -Napoleon Hill.

Self-confidence should only speak through the language of constructive service and action, or ‘value’ as we call it in the attraction marketing arena, without a big fuss. Believe in yourself, have that self-confidence, but to not tell the world what you can do-SHOW IT!

One of the best routes to true self-confidence is to get the skills you need. You should feel highly self-confident right now …in your ability to go get those skills.

Now you need to do it. Go and get those skills here.

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Tim Singleton

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