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Sundays, What To Do?

What To Do On Sundays

You could try to rest. I promise you all the work you have worried about all weekend will be there on Monday morning.

Just a thought.

The source escapes me for now, but I do remember reading or being told that the President of the Church made the comment that, absent other pressing matters of a spiritual nature, he could think of no better way to spend the Sabbath than taking a good long nap.

What Not to Do On the Sabbath

This subject I am going to leave be for two reasons.

  1. It is the Sabbath and odds are you know what you should and should not be doing already.
  2. The human race is at a point right now where if you tell it to not do a thing, it will burn down nearly half the planet showing you how he can do anything he please.

Consider Your Life

If you are happy and satisfied or desperate and miserable, Sundays are a good day to consider your life.

Think about where you are.

Ask yourself if this is where you want to be.

If it is not, what do you need to do in order to get where you want to be?

Wherever that is, you cannot get there without deciding to do so and taking the first step in that direction.

Sunday: Not Just Another Day Off

I tend to be very lazy on Sunday myself.   We are instructed to rest, but seriously? Some folks pack an entire week of work into that single day.

“Oh, but we’re doing the Lord’s work.” Well, be that as it may, some folks can get burned out working all week, many working six days a week and then cramming a week’s worth of church related work into one day.

It is called the Sabbath, a day to rest. I don’t think the Lord would have prescribed a day of rest unless He knew we would need it.

Here is a good article to check out on things to do on Sunday, too.

Best Regards,

Tim and MaryJane




Tim Singleton

Benefits of Baroque and Classical Music

Baroque Music Make You Smarter

Baroque music makes you smarter, healthier, more mentally well-adjusted and athletic. How’s that for a laundry list of good things to be had?

Baroque music is said to have a positive effect on the brain in terms of learning and retaining information. Whether that is actually true or not, I can attest to the idea that I get more work done when listening to Baroque.

Something about alpha wave stimulation increases one’s retention while relieving stress from your brain. The other thing that just occurred to me was whether it worked because it works or if it works because I believe it works.

Just be aware that there are folks out there who strongly disagree with the idea that Baroque or Classical music can improve your mental function. While they are certainly entitle to have and to hold their opinion on the matter, I take the position that it helps me. If you want to see if it will help you, then trying it out is in order.

Some of you young folks who feel classical is not cool, or boring or whatever need to remember that Baroque was the rock music of its era.  Try it out for yourself and see if you receive any of the benefits listed here.

Effects of Baroque and Classical Music

The story is that Baroque and Classical music in general can:

  1. Lift your spirits and improve your outlook
  2. Relieve anxiety and lower stress levels
  3. Helps relieve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  4. Boosts your creativity because the music helps you see things in different ways.
  5. It can help you raise your test scores.
  6. Study for school.
  7. Improves performance in general.

Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Correct and Clear Thinking.

Senbonzakura – Lindsey Stirling – Baroque or Classical?

Is this Baroque music? I honestly don’t know, but it sounds like it to my ear.  Violin music, especially that which seems to have Irish influence, appeals to my ear and calms me down at the same time it inspires me to action.

Baroque and Classical Music’s Effects on Health

Some of the positive effects of this type of music include

  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Stroke recovery
  • Post partum symptom relief
  • Reduces feelings of fatigue
  • Alleviates depression
  • Improves athletic performance

Blood pressure can be lowered in many cases by listening to 30 minutes of Baroque or Classical music.  In addition to general recover in the stroke patient’s ability to function,  fine-grained neuroanatomical modifications have been shown to be present after a time in the brain.

This is worth quoting and referencing for folks with epilepsy affecting their families:

Anti-seizure effect: The latest 2014 study revealed that listening to Mozart K 448 (Sonata for Two Pianos in D major) reduced the seizure recurrence and epileptiform discharges in children epilepsy. The antiepileptic effect of Mozart’s sonata has been earlier demonstrated by Taiwanese scientists.1

Truthfully, when I started researching for this post I was not expecting the range of positive effects to be so broad. It makes you smarter, healthier and more athletic.

The litany of benefits is so long as to be astonishing to me, even today, when I had long thought I knew the benefits to be had. I am even more inclined now to make sure my future kids get a good daily dose of Baroque and Classical music.

Benefits To the Home Based Business Owner

Whether you are a member of the growing community of work at home moms, work at home dads, or the other folks who have made the transition from the cubicle to the kitchen, maximizing your energy levels and recuperative capabilities is critical.  These musical styles can help.

The aid in migraine headaches, energy levels and recuperation from stress levels are things to which I can personally attest. It simply works wonders for me.

Best Regards,





Tim Singleton

Better Deals, More Cash Back …yes, on Baroque and Classical music, too.

Want to get paid for giving money away?


Journaling, The Why and The What


As you march towards that mystical state of working 100% from home in a more than profitable state, you need to remember that it is important you record your journey. You cannot analyze that which you do not record.

Function of a Journal

For many people, myself included, journaling is comforting. Your journal is your confidant. Your journal is your perfectly discrete confidant, I might add. The only person who reads it is yourself and whoever to whom you entrust it.

As a soundboard, it listens with perfect understanding and acknowledgment with absolutely zero judgment. A journal is where you can write everything with absolutely no danger of confusing outbursts of recriminations because of deliberate or inadvertant misinterpretation of what you said (wrote.)

Your journal is also proof that whatever insanities with which you are now dealing, things which may seem to be end of the world bad, you will live through it. You will come out the other side.

Why do I say this? Because you’ve already done it.

How can I say this? Because if you are keeping a journal, you wrote it down.

There are, of course, lots of brighter, more sunshine and moonbeams with butterflies and faeries dancing types of reasons to keep a journal. It is just that giving you a very dramatic, potentially lifesaving reason for keeping a journal seemed to be the way to go.

The Why

Why you should keep a journal:

  1. It helps you to remember important things.
  2. It promotes creativity.
  3. You can accurately record things as you actually see them without filtering them for political correctness or social acceptability.

A journal helps you to remember the good times, especially during the bad. The mental and emotional benefits of regular writing are well documented. Your journal is both therapist and best buddy.

Regular or daily recordings promote your creativity. Authors of The Creativity Cure, Drs. Carrie and Alton Barron, advise us to skip Microsoft Word altogether; a pen is better.

Some years ago, I took a copywriting course from AWAI. Their strong advice was to do the exercises with pen or pencil and paper, not on the computer. Your writer’s ‘voice’ is apparently tied much more closely to the complex web of nerves, tendons and muscles you write with than to the 8 or so muscles you use to type.

As I recall from another course there are some thousands of muscles used in cursive writing and only 8+ used for typing. The mind/body connection is stronger when you write it yourself rather than typing it.

In your journal, you can truly let fly with exactly what you think. Truly. It is a freeing experience to write down exactly what you really think. Write stuff of this nature in your journal, not on your Facebook timeline. A lot of people are finding their comments on Facebook are coming back to haunt them.

Sure, I still believe in free speech. I am what you call a strict constructionist with regards to the Constitution. The three paragraphs or so that this line of thought just set off will make a good post.  You need to remember there are those out there who believe it their place in life to make you pay for public statements with which they do not agree.

Put it in your journal.

Whatever you believe is wrong with the world today, you need to write it down so your kids know. It is a 100% certainty they will not learn it in school or for what passes for the ‘press’ or ‘journalism’ today.

Truth is, your journal may be the only way the future knows what really happened in the world today. Think of all the journals that now sit in museums, in the Library of Congress, in the Vatican even. These were just people writing what they believed. Your voice whispering to the future has no agenda other than what you believe to be the truth.

The How

Digital or Online Journals

There are many options for keeping a digital journal. I say ‘digital’ because I want to differentiate digital from online.


There are tons of software packages out there. Some are shareware, some freeware. Some are sold as regular software packages are sold. I recommend you start with one of the freeware options. Just above here is one I found on on softonic. I have never used it but it seemed like it comes with a reasonable feature set. You can read more about it here.

Just remember to back it up and print it all from time to time so you have a physical copy. Your data is not 100% safe until you do so.

Physical Journals

The how to keep a physical journal has as many answers are there are methods of binding paper together. It is a matter of personal choice. The number of choices are staggering.

  • Leather bound journals
  • Paper bound journals
  • Loose leaf kept in various binders
  • Archival quality paper journals bound in fabric covered strong board and leather.

There have been a number of leaders who used spiral notebooks to keep their journals havings someone else transcribe them. I know of one case where they simply used paper pads, filling them up one after the other. When a dozen or so were full the pages were torn from the pad and bound just as they were written down.


Sources for bound paper journals:

  1. Wal-Mart and similar stores
  2. Bookstores
  3. Online shopping

Journals bought from Wal-Mart, one of which I currently use, are not a bad choice. They are reasonably priced and come in a large selection of bindings and colors.

My next journal will most likely be in a one of those neat WilsonJones Account books. Yes, I know it is strictly speaking not designed as a journal, but I like the weight of it.

RecordBookIt has not only weight, but the pages are of that heavy, acid free stock that will survive a nuclear war and the ache of ages accumulating on it. Go into the records of any county in this country and you will see similar books a century old, still legible and still capable of being handled by interested parties. To me, this feels like the most permanent solution.

Best Regards,






Tim Singleton

Why Do Women Shop More Than Men?

Why Do Women Shop? (More Than Men)

Well, when I started out this blog post, I was not so sure I believed it to be the case. Tim loves to shop. He hates WalMart but he loves to shop for books, cars and guns.

As I researched for this article, though, I found that women do have an edge in terms of who likes to shop more. There is a deeply ingrained reason for this, too, going back some 8 to 10 thousand years.

According to Steve Taylor, Ph.D1.

For hundreds of thousands of years, until around 8000 BCE, all human beings lived as hunter-gatherers—that is, they survived by hunting wild animals (the man’s job) and foraging for wild plants, nuts, fruit, and vegetables (the woman’s job). I learned a lot of surprising things about the “hunter-gatherer” lifestyle in my research. For example, it wasn’t a particularly hard life. When anthropologists began to look systematically at how modern-day hunter-gatherers use their time, they discovered that, far from exhausting themselves in their search for food, they actually spent only 12 to 20 hours per week at it. (This led anthropologist Marshall Sahlins to call hunter-gatherers “the original affluent society.”)

Interestingly, women were the main “breadwinners” in hunter-gatherer groups. Anthropologists estimate that women’s gathering provided around 80-90 percent of groups’ food —a fact which has led some anthropologists to suggest that these peoples should be renamed gatherer-hunters. This is also meant that their diet was largely vegetarian (only around 10-20 percent meat), and also quite healthy, with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, roots and nuts, all eaten raw.

Earlier on he also made the comment that

  1. Men get bored after about 26 minutes of shopping while women like to stay two hours. I can attest to Tim; he is ready to go after 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. 80% of men say they don’t like shopping with their wives or girlfriends.
  3. 45% of men refuse at all costs to go shopping with their significant other.
  4. Half of shopping trips end in an argument because men have bought what they came for and are ready to go while women like to simply shop.

According to this author it appears that our various shopping habits are based in women’s historical role as the gatherers of the group while men were the hunters.

You can go here and enjoy the rest of the article. While I don’t know if I agree with everything the man says, it is definitely worth reading.

Why Women Buy

Knowing why women buy is the first step to gaining their business.

Bridget Brennan, Forbes contributor, has this2 to say on the subject:

The real reason is sobering. In virtually every society in the world, women have primary care-giving responsibilities for both children and the elderly (and often, just about everybody else in-between). In this primary caregiving role, women find themselves buying on behalf of everyone else in their lives.

Why I Shop

Well, it gets me out of the house. If I go with friends it gives us something to do while we walk and talk. A shopping trip is a perfect way to visit with friends. Besides, you never know what you are going to come up on in the way of unexpected bargains, true?

Why I Shop Online

I shop online because the best buys can almost always be found online. No, online shopping will not replace entirely the in person shopping experience. If shopping for the best deal is THE point the majority of the time, maybe. But sometimes getting out and shopping has very little to do with what I am shopping for and more about moving about in the world.

Besides, a lot times I don’t know I want something until I see it. Coming back home and checking my cash back deals to see if I can get a better deal is always fun, too.

My Top Cash Back Site

My top cash back site is Yes, I am an affiliate with Dubli but I got tired of trying to remember that long BA number Tim gave me so we made it simple.

Double Digit Cash Back

Go to and you will find yourself saving 6% and often even double digit cash back percentages. Tim sent his mom flowers for her birthday and was rewarded with over 19% cash back!







Mary Jane Singleton




Article Marketing Strategy – Proven Systems Part 2


Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

I promised you a free resource that can help you quickly get into the habit of writing good articles from scratch and which gives you skills you can easily adapt to your own blog.

That free resource is Ezine@rticles1.

If you already know about it, but are not using it, then you need to re-evaluate that decision. Backlinks and views from this domain have weight and authority because they are very strict on the articles they accept.

A good, free primer on article creation

Go see how Ezine@rticles forces their authors to structure2 a post. Keep their guidelines in mind when posting to your own blog. The info is free and it will help you become a better writer.

Because you are writing to your own blog, you can also include a call to action in the final paragraph of the post rather than only including it in the resource box along with the author bio. Unless you tell your reader to take action, they will not know to do so.

Read This Now!

Headings should be brief, but indicative of what is to follow. Some folks will be tempted to just skip to the sections which seem most relevant to their search. For this reason each header should be equally well crafted. After all, if it is not relevant or important to what led the reader to your post, why is it in the article?

Make your article headings relevant to the problem your article is trying to address.

You do realize that this is what an article is supposed to do, right? Your article needs to provide enough information to actually be of use to the reader as well as give them a reason to take some action such as getting on your mailing list, signing up for some free ebook or instructional video you have provided or clicking through to your buying page.

The Body of Your Article

Your keyword or keyword phrase should if at all possible be in the first sentence as well as in the core of the text as well as the last sentence. This is not a hard and fast rule because it can make your writing stilted if you adhere to these guidelines at all times and in all articles.

Just keep in mind that the search engines have ways of searching and these guidelines cover what the search engines are looking for. Don’t let this pattern keep you from writing a quality peace, though. Although you are writing to appeal to the main search engines, don’t forget that it is individuals who’re reading your articles.

On some article sites they encourage you to put your call to action and your links in your resource box. If you are writing to your own site or blog, you can use the final paragraph of the article for this, it seems to me.

Appropriate white space, focused, tight paragraphs and bullet lists all make for easy readability.

It is possible to write articles in such a way that they can be spun and distributed to various article sites, but such seems to me to be going the way of the wooly mammoth. With the every growing focus on SAO (Social media Authority Optimization) rather than SEO, I question the wisdom of spreading a hundred thinly rewritten articles linked to the same page.

It just seems to me to beg for a Google Slap.

Rules I violated in this article: It is too long, but sometimes that happens.

Best Regards,







Tim Singleton

Again, if you want to see how to save time on creating articles, click here now.

1 Also, go to and create your Ezine@rticles account now.
2 One of the rules I broke in writing this article was it was WAY too long. Rule of thumb, just over 500 words is the perfect length but sometimes the subject needs more. One hack to overcome that is to split an article in two, as I did here.




I Am So Sorry for Your Losses

My heart goes out to those who were lost and those who suffered a loss at the Twin Towers. A child expects to lose a parent when they are old. Americans expect that some will die in accidents, some on the battlefield and others of disease. Others we expect will die from the hand of someone in the throes of passion or in the lock of mental illness or even just evil nature.

We do not expect someone to execute innocent civilians by the thousands just because of their nationality, especially when the hearts of that people are so clearly by their track record wanting to make the world a better place.

The Generosity of Strangers, Not The Generosity of Those Who Are Strange

I am not referring to our leadership. Inscrutable is a good word for the minds behind Jekyll Island and the Federal Reserve. Apeshit crazy comes to mind for those who worship Moloch at the Bohemian Grove.

Regular Americans, Regularly Charitable Americans

I’m referring to regular folks. The ones on a fixed income who still find the wherewithal to give to Children International, to their local women and children’s shelter, who take their kids on Thanksgiving Day to a homeless shelter to help serve the food for which they helped pay.

The Generosity of Strangers, The Generosity of Americans

I am referring to the hundreds of thousands – I don’t know, it may have been millions – of Americans who voluntarily sent donations to Pakistan back when that big earthquake cost so many lives, to those who spend their winter days collecting coats for the poor, many of whom live in the streets when they themselves could be curled up in front of their fireplace.

The doctors1 of Operaton Smile come to mind, too, when I think of the generosity of Americans. If you have ever had your heart moved by a child then a child who can finally smile, breathe and eat without difficulty because some physician donated his time to give free corrective surgeries in countries where they do not normally have access to these service surely must make you feel something, some kind of joy.

Americans often have no connection with those to whom they provide help other than the fact that it was made known to them that someone needed help. For all the ranting and raving of how America is supposedly racist, Americans by untold scores pony up contributions to help those who need it without regard to race, religion,  or any characteristic you could name.

America’s Post War Generosity

Americans help people.

What did we do to Germany, Japan, and Italy after World War II?

We helped them rebuild their economies.

We brought them back to not just the quiet of no more war for a season but to a prosperous state wherein we promised to help protect them from others who might want to again play the aggressor.

Americans Did Not Deserve 9/11

Americans did not deserve 9/11. I really don’t care what the Rev. Jeremiah Wrights, Ward Churchill’s or Bill Ayers2 of the world think, Americans are generous to a fault and want to make the world a better place.

9/11 is a hell of a way to repay our generosity and aid to others. What is amazing is that 9/11 did not change that basic nature.

Best Regards,






Tim Singleton

1 I know doctors from other countries also contribute their time. This is not to minimize their value, but we are talking about Americans on 9/11.
2 Bill Ayers was a Weatherman. His group bombed American buildings and reportedly killed 7 Americans.


Social Network Marketing

The Current State of Social Network Marketing

Social network marketing, social media marketing, social media authority optimization…fact is, the marketing eggheads out there are just about to go into a meltdown tizzy over all the possibilities of what to call taking advantage of Facebook and other social media sites.

That is understandable when you realize that your top five social sites all have hundreds of millions of users each and many of them are interested in what you are offering. When you realize that   ½ of 1% of Facebook being interested in what you are offering is equal to 3.5 MILLION potential clients you quickly understand why social network marketing is so popular right now.

Some are just raking it in, others are getting bupkiss for their effort. Like anything else, it takes a plan and a reason to think the plan will work.

Potential rewards are high; competition is even higher.

Your Strategy in Social Network Marketing

Spy on your competition. When I say spy on your competition what I mean is spy on the competition who are succeeding. It is the best way to find out what is working.

Checking out your competition on a daily basis is a good place to start until you have a more developed plan.

If you see someone showing up on most social sites you can be pretty sure that a) that person is serious about social marketing, b) that person is spending the time to do social marketing and c) that person is now or will be profitable at social media marketing. Why? Interaction with folks is the key to social marketing. Interaction on a wide array of sites also creates SEO pressure that builds your authority on the subject, too.

If you have a personal Facebook page, great. If not, create one. It is an awesome place to communicate with distant friends and meet new friends in a very large arena. Being friendly and discussing points of common interest can burn away a night in a hurry, too. You might want to set a timer on your smartphone and when it goes off, say adios. Otherwise you will wonder where the weekend, or even the week, went.

But to promote your business, you need to create a Fanpage for your business. I know. This presents some folks with a real case of the heebee jeebies, but really, all you are doing is going to the trouble of separating your business and personal life in a professional manner. Keep anything that does not relate directly to your business away from your business’s page, too.

Going off on a rant over some politician right next to where you are trying to explain your services may not be received well by some folks. This is not theory for me; I am telling you what I know. Right or wrong is irrelevant in this situation.

Video of the latest kitten hijinks right next to a link to one of your capture pages might also not be a motivating factor to sign on with you.

It is important to brand yourself separately as a heavy business person, and you’ll have to keep both your characters separate.

Social Network Marketing using Video

YouTube and other video platforms are channels you have to master. Google likes YouTube and gives you extra points for good videos. If you are going to use social media marketing, or social network marketing you need to learn how to make good videos and show your face.

If you are camera shy, deal with it through exposure therapy and get over it. Now, when I say get over it, I am not unsympathetic. I was the same way. You need to learn to use YouTube as a way to interact with your potential distributors or customers. It may be tough; it gets easier.

Good News: When you compare the time of making a video to the time of crafting a well put together article, you may find yourself addicted to making videos.

There are many good training programs on how to make good videos for YouTube. Here is one of the best.

I want you to go here and watch this free 24 minute video on how a Bluesman Guitarist and a downsized corporate salesman use YouTube to prosper

Best Regards,






Tim Singleton

Earthtiger Networking Is Back Online

After what seemed to be an unending wait, Earthtiger Networking is now flying her colors again. As in the past we will be posting things that will be aimed at helping you build your online affiliate marketing and/or network marketing businesses.

We will also be posting articles that can be of help to you in other areas as well. For instance, how to study to maximize retention on a permanent basis and why learning cursive, in spite of modern educators growing disdain for having to teach the Palmer Script method, is something every child should be required to master.

Best Regards,

Tim Singleton


P.S. My many thanks to my wife, MaryJane, for typing while I am recovering from a bilateral distal biceps tendon rupture. More than a few healthcare providers have told me I need to pursue the lottery right now because none have ever seen my injuries before.

See how a homeless man went from broke to stoked, earning a 7 figure monthly income!

Leads are the lifeblood of business, online and yes, for brick and mortar mom and pop stores, too.

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