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Buying Books At A Discount

Buying Books At A Discount

From time to time in my blogs I will reference books which I feel will be beneficial to you in your pursuit of whatever it is you pursue. Used to be I would set up my own affiliate link and, since I was promoting the books if you bought through me I would get an override.

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Tim Singleton

Self-Confidence and the Six Fears


“You Can Do It if You Believe You Can!”

We have all heard this in one form or fashion over the years. Some decide they do believe it and go on to success. Others say they believe and they are going to get right on it

…just… as soon as… fill in the blank of whatever excuses we have all heard and made over the years.

Telling me or someone else you believe you can achieve does you exactly no good, other than it is probably good for you to hear the words coming out of your own mouth.

Self-Confidence and the Skeptic

If you have all this self-confidence you claim to have, why are you not stepping up?

To address a different segment of readers, if you know you have no self-confidence do you know why? Why is it you see folks you know are not as smart as you succeed?

I think I figured it out.

It occurs to me that folks with no self-confidence are their own worst skeptics. Somewhere along the line someone consistently doubted your ability to succeed. Even when you did, the huffy commentator opined, it was lucky you did not kill yourself or embarrass yourself and the family to no end.

What is it you are afraid of?

I don’t exclude myself from this question. I could not figure out what would paralyze me and wash from my brain all those so wonderful plans of action I would come up with while in the throes of being just as miserable at work as a hapless canine who just missed making it into the building door by inches during one of those hard lake effect snow storms I read about.

Seriously, I have made it home and been so tired but also frustrated because I could not keep my eyes open long enough to do anything and anyways, I could not remember all the pieces of the plan of action.

I did figure it out.

Six Basic Fears

The six basic fears are:

  1. The fear of Poverty
  2. The fear of Old Age
  3. The fear of Criticism
  4. The fear of the Loss of Love of Someone
  5. The fear of Ill Health
  6. The fear of Death

Why is it if you are so afraid of being in poverty you don’t just strike out and work until the sun comes up, drive to work, stagger back in the front door and work until the sun comes up again and do it until you are rich?

I have known two fellows who did that and they got it right in a year or less and started living the boo yee tuh ful life of Riley.

So, why not you? I haven’t a clue except to say that in my case I really did hate looking stupid to other people. Poverty was not the fear that was holding me back, it was the fear of criticism. Then something my sweet wife said got into my brain and worked its way down into the basement where those little @#$%ers Stephen King is always jawing about work away from the light of day.

She said, “What do you care what they say or think. They don’t pay our bills. It is just like arguing with a nut on the road. It resolves nothing and puts no money in your pocket.”

I paraphrased, but she was right.

Guard Your Mind; Only Accept Advice From Those Qualified To Give It1

“oh, that’ll never work,” says a friend. At which point you meekly surrender all your dreams and go back to whatever it is that feeds you but makes you miserable.

That sounds more like a drug habit than a job now as I look at what I just wrote. Anyhooo….

Look where you friend who just offered you his grand and oh, so sophisticated opinion on your dream lives!

Most likely he ain’t living your dream, either. Why would you take advice or correction from another loser? I don’t mean that to be harsh; I just mean why would you take advice on what you want to do from someone who is incapable of doing what you want to do?

Find Your Fear

Work you way through what it is you are really afraid of so that you can put it in context. Once you figure out that fulfilling your dreams of building a healthy business online will relieve you of most of what you are afraid of you just might catch on fire and start putting in the work.

What We Are Working on Now

We are showing people how to earn more cash back on top of what they earn now, often taking their cash back rewards into the double digits. Folks are walking away from 7 figure incomes and getting on board with us.

Did I mention it is free?

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Tim Singleton

1 Stay tuned for an in depth article on why guarding your mind is so important.

What Is Cashback?

What Is Cashback?

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

My gut tells me that when the credit card companies began to discover cash back was akin to pouring gasoline on a hot spark plug when it came to promoting sales volume, it caused probably one of the biggest balance transfers in economic history. Google gives the brief definition of:

denoting a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase.

…when searching for cash back. What most folks are looking for, however, is what are the best cashback credit cards, where are the best cash back sites? Now, in the normal cashback canon above, we are presented with the unspoken assumption that you have to pick one card and one cash back program. Combining different savings is a hit or miss kind of thing. Well, not anymore, it isn’t.

How To Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards

Well, I am reasonably certain that I have found the top cash back site. It allows you to not only get more cash back, but you can stack it on top of the cash back programs you are already using. Instead of getting 1% cash back, or 2% cashback you can enjoy 6% additional savings and sometimes more in addition to your current program.

Cash Back Comparison

So, you did an exhaustive comparison of all the programs out there and you came up with what you consider to be the very best, most put real money in your pocket card and are just thrilled with it. Great! Now add 6%, or more, to it. Howzat thrill you? It fires me up, that is for sure!

What You Earn Versus What You Keep

Now, most of my readers are either active in the business opportunity, online marketing and related spaces or are interested in them.  They all know the old adage of it not being about how much money you make but what you are able to keep so that you can put it to work for your future. I like the following quote even better:

It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for. –Robert Kiyosaki

I like this quote because it not only addresses me and my immediate family, it addresses the future. This business for me is not just about me getting that Jaguar with the disappearing post beams and the that completely awesome ‘follow me’ window projection. It is also about ensuring that my kids, their kids and even their kids are educated with as much security as this old man can provide them. Friends of mine say it is not their problem to provide. Well, Solomon says a wise man leaves and inheritance for his children; that is good enough for me.

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Happy New Year’s everyone!

Tim Singleton

Definiteness of Purpose

Hidden Knowledge

Back when I listened to a fellow going on about how the ‘elite’ not only think differently than the rest of us but also had access to different books than the rest of us, it seemed as if a light went off in my mind. Suddenly, I could see a centuries old trail of hidden knowledge concerning living a successful life unfolding before my eyes were I able to get to the correct libraries.

I don’t know why it was such a revelation. We know that some of the prophets of old wrote down many things and, for whatever reason, we no longer have those writings. Some have been recovered; still others are still around but the supposed authorities claim they are not ‘approved.’

That was the same CD on which I first heard about the unabridged version of Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

The Law of Success In 16 Lessons

The deal was that ‘Think and Grow Rich’ was a watered down version of what was really conveyed to Napoleon Hill by Andrew Carnegie.

“Why was it watered down?” thunders the folks who paid extra for the show so they could sit in the Greek chorus section.

Well, I will tell you. The scuttlebutt is that Henry Ford did not like it, did not like it at all, that Andrew Carnegie was trying to educate the masses on what it took to be successful. It appears in this story that in Henry Ford’s mind people who were born to poverty may have very well been put there for a purpose just as he was apparently put in his place to be stinking nasty rich. My thinking at the time was maybe Henry Ford had his own version of Divine Right of King’s or billionaires running in the background of his brain.

Once I found out that ‘Think and Grow Rich’ had an unabridged version I was just as mad as three monkeys on methamphetamine to get it. So, I went hunting and found it. As you can guess from the section heading for this the title turned out to be ‘The Law of Success In 16 Lessons.’

As I worked my way through the course material, the veracity of the story about Henry Ford was called into question simply because Napoleon Hill credited him with so much in contributing to this work. The CD version gave the impression that it was dictated to Napoleon Hill by Andrew Carnegie but the course itself makes it clear some 40+ men contributed much over the 20+ years it took to finish the work.

First Principles

First principles is a concept that relates to starting over when what you have been doing is not working. ‘This is a football’ is also a way of starting with first principles every time you start something, an approach that history says works.

I am starting with first principles and that means Definiteness of Purpose is on the menu today.

Definiteness of Purpose

Do you have a definite purpose?

I do.

My definite purpose is to be free from a job and to free 1,000 other folks from a job. This means I have to become the leader capable of helping 1,000 individuals through the process of becoming the caliber of folks who create their own wealth and subsistence from whole cloth. That is a tall order but I feel it possible because I am certain that there are more than a few folks who get tired of getting up every day and going to work to make someone else’s dreams come true.

My Awakening

I was sitting at work one day, long ago and far away as the story goes, when I say bolt upright in my chair. I realized in my goings and comings between planes, trains and automobiles that my job boiled down to two essential, pitiful duties.

My job was to solve small problems for folks like me who worked all day while I waited for overpaid to schedule meetings in which they create truly large problems for me to solve so they could take the credit and probably a larger paycheck.

Now, I don’t mind solving problems. I am good at it. What I did object to was the creation of problems for me to solve so someone else could justify their paychecks. It just seemed to never fail to leave one feeling inordinately chafed in the sensitive areas. When the novelty of this epiphany wore off, the thrill was gone with that job, too. My definiteness of purpose became a bright, glaring, white hot purple searchlight that regularly burned away the unimportant. Helping 1,000 folks reach self-employment would not only make my life better, it would

    1. Make 1,000 folks’ lives better
    2. Make the world a better place because 1,000 folks could now participate in the process of making it better instead of trapped in the day jail of a corporatism prison.
    3. Out of that 1,000 folks, many will need to hire employees, generating jobs

As I thought about my individual goals, I realized that it was an honorable goal because while I would benefit, the world would benefit even more with 1,001 more folks able to act. So, what’s your purpose? Here is a short summary and yes, I am quoting the book:

Definiteness of Purpose

Definiteness of Purpose
is the starting point of all achievement.

Don’t be like a ship at sea without a rudder,
powerless and directionless.
Decide what you want, find out how to get it,
and then take daily action toward achieving your goal.
You will get exactly and only
what you ask and work for.
Make up your mind today what it is you want and then
start today to go after it! Do it now!

<i>Successful people move on their own initiative,
but they know where they are going before they start.</I>

-Napoleon Hill

If you want your own copy of The Law Of Success In 16 Lessons, click here.

Best Regards,






Tim Singleton

Free Leads System

Free Leads

Not going to beat this one to death; it is too simple. This is a free lead system that you can use to generate free leads for whatever business you are promoting.

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Tim Singleton

Do You Know What You Want?

Why Are You In business?

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

“I want to be free,” might be your kneejerk reaction. That is nice, but is it true?

“I want to be rich,” you say. Okay, but why? What is it that being rich will give you? We all know too many stories of folks who have an excess of wealth who sadly pulled the plug because they ‘could not take it anymore.’

What is it that being rich and being free of the need for a job will give you? I know what it will give me. It will give me the ability to say what is on my mind without it being a possible threat to my job.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the ability to be rude or just unconcerned with others but, folks, let’s face it. There is a lot wrong in the world and the news is full on a regular basis of someone getting canned because they took an unpopular position.

What Do You Want?

Unless and until you really know what it is that success in your business will bring you besides money and free time, I don’t know that you can convey the energy and passion of working with you to prospects.

What Is Important To You?

Lifestyle? That is fine, just embrace it and get passionate about it. I will be straight up about the fact that I have no great desire to have a new car all the time but boy, howdy do I ever want one of the new Corvettes now that the Stingray has been brought back! I also love the idea of having a ship with trans-Pacific capability.

To me those are about adventure, not riches and lifestyle.

Security? Yes, security is more secure while being a successful and profitable business owner. Business owners do not go to bed wondering whether their jobs are secure or if they will be downsized.

Family time is too short in your life? I am fortunate in that I hate the idea of leaving my wife for 8 hours at the office. Not everyone is in that lucky position, but working from home makes that want real.

Constitutional Convention

Sitting down with yourself or with your significant other and determining just, exactly, what it is you or the two of you want is a good way to spend a Saturday. Make an event of it. Plan a picnic and a place and just talk it out.

Call it my or our family or couple’s Constitutional Convention. Let’s really look at the future and decide what it is we really want. What are our core principles? What are the top ten things or qualities we want to be pillars of how we live our lives.

Wishes Are Cold Comfort; Passions Are Hot

Figure out what kind of day makes you feel like it could not get any better than this and determine what would have to be in place for that day to occur. Smell the air in your mind of that day. Feel the ease of your body knowing you are where you want to be and that anything, and I mean anything, that is troubling you now is a thing of the past.

Then let’s talk about what it would take to make that happen for you.







Tim Singleton


How to Study

How To Study

How to study is something I revisit every once in a while. Why? It is the embarrassingly high rates of enrollment in remedial classes in even 4th string community colleges. Clearly the system is failing and more money will not fix it.

Why Should I Worry About How to Study?

“I Pass Everything,” you say.

The question of how to study is seldom asked before asking the question of why do I have to study, especially if you are under the age of 18. Again, especially if you are passing the tests and homework assignments.

Read This Frightening Note:

High school, as demonstrated by the previous mentioned high rates of remedial class enrollment, does not prepare your for college.

College, as demonstrated by the high rates of unemployment even amongst college graduates with honors, does not prepare you for the workplace as it exists now.

This is not your fault. The simple fact is that you and education have different goals.

But enough of telling you things you already know at some level. You came here to see if I could help you study, didn’t you?

SQR3: Still One of the Best Methods of Study

SQR3 is a method that has been around a long time. I cannot say for sure who invented it; I can only say I appreciate my abnormal psychology professor teaching it to me. Yes, I made a high A in his class, too.

SQR3 is an acronym that stands for the following:



R:Read (R1)

R:Recite (R2)

R:Review (R3)


Look over the materials you are asked to master. Take time to look at the chapter headings and any introductory paragraphs or notes present.  Take note of what is written in bold or in boxes off to the side. Check to see if there are summaries after each section or chapter. Look to see if there are any study questions after each section or chapter.

Read the captions under the pictures, graphs or any other inserts that may be present. Also, look for anything highlighted with a legend such as ‘important,’ ‘Did you know?’ or ‘will be on the test.’ Some places use a student book and an instructors manual that may include prepared tests. Many teachers will use those tests verbatim.


You have surveyed the chapter or chapters you need to master for now. Ask yourself what is it that the author is trying get across to you. What is it that he or she thought was important about this information? What is it the author wants you to know? Why is it important? Ask yourself why someone would bother to write about this subject. How can this knowledge benefit you in the future?


Read the material in its entirety. Yes, all of it. Throw your Cliff’s notes away. I had an English teacher who would read the Cliff’s notes specifically to design a test that could not be passed from the information contained in them.

Read the material, taking time to read everything that is boxed, highlighted or otherwise marked so as to bring the reader’s attention to it and ask yourself how it relates to the rest of the information in the main body.


Now that you have read it all, read it again. Only , this time do it out loud. This makes the information come to you by more sensory channels. Not only is it going through your eyes to your brain, but your brain is translating it to speech and again processing it as an auditory source of information all while you are again reading and relating the boxes and highlighted remarks.


Ask yourself what you learned. Did it stick? Did any part of it strike you as interesting? Did you learn something that helped you see something you came across in every day life differently?

Take the tests at the end of the chapters. How did you do? I bet you did better than you expected.


In closing, you will want to subdivide the material into 30 minute sections. Some folks can handle hour long sessions without a break. I like thirty because it makes for smaller, more easily digested chunks of information. I have also read studies saying a teaspoon of honey or a small amount of simple carbohydrates such as glucose is useful in helping your brain retain the information it is processing. Notice I said a spoonful, not a candy bar.

This method is applicable to everything from history to math to English. Some classes are aimed more at information mastery while others are aimed at application. This method helps with information mastery, even in mathematics. The application of the information is like anything else. I found that doing my homework in mathematics two, or even three, times was key to a higher test grade and long term retention.

Hope this helps.

Tim Singleton


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