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Rank Content Fast, 24-48 hours: Distinctions that make all the difference

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

Working as I do to provide attraction marketing training for network and affiliate marketing folks, I have access to just tons of training videos by the folks who have established themselves in the various aspects of our industry.

There is SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, and now, SAO which means social media authority giving Google Panda proof weight to your site. Still, many folks miss the boat in terms of what they are doing.

They understand that they want to make money.

They sometimes don’t understand that in order to make money someone has to buy something.

They don’t understand that they have to promote stuff.

Rank Content You Want to Promote

This means they have to write about products and services and ask people to buy.

Attraction marketing is premised on the idea that by providing worthwhile information and products up front for free, folks will understand that you really do have their best interests in mind and want them to not just buy from you, but that you really want them to succeed, that their dreams are important to you and that you want to help them acheive them.

Rank Content Fast by Posting On Purpose For Profit

What is your goal when you write? Sometimes I posted just because I found something interesting and had no real expectation of making money such as when I posted a review on The Strain on TNT.

When I posted an article on how to study for kids and college students. I suppose my motivation there was to help folks be able to make better grades in school and be better able to master information they may need for whatever reason outside of school.

What I did not know and had to find out by investing in needed tools was that this was a mistake. Google does not like it that you want to add variety to your postings; Google sees this as you trying to be clever and be a smart@$$. Why is beyond me, but hey, when you sit in a room coding all day it is no surprise to anyone that your brain and your perspectives change, sometimes strangely.

Rank Content By Focusing On One Niche

Focus and focus hard. All your postings need to be on your niche, which in our case is the duel strategy of network marketing and affiliate marketing, providing training to that niche. Don’t miss the boat on making sure all your affiliate marketing efforts are directed at network and affiliate marketing, too.

Rank Content By Cleaning House

Having said all that it is my plan to remove my post on ‘The Strain’ and move it to another blog, perhaps as a guest blog or establish a personal shoot the breeze kind of blog. The one on how to study I am going to rewrite with an eye towards how to study the instructional videos with pen and paper in hand.

Yes. If you want to master the information on the videos, you have to watch it, pausing often to take notes, rolling and relating the information around in your brain for a moment and then committing it to paper.  Yes, I know someone told you to post everyday and don’t worry about the content, just post everyday.

How’s that working out for you?  Right.

Take notes. It will help you master the material, help you be more valuable to your team, and the information will start getting embedded in your brain so that when you really do have to post a quick note in order to provide content you will have more really valuable insight on which to draw.

I am cleaning house by going back and looking at certain posts that might not have been directly related to my niche of helping struggling network marketers to become profitable. Some posts are going to get tossed; others will be rewritten to have relevance to my niche.

Posting for Profits Means You Have to Rank Content for Your Niche

When you post articles on specific products or about your particular opportunity, you need to remember that you are Posting On Purpose For Profit. That means your blog posts need to use SEO and SAO to maximize the amount of traffic that goes to your post. Social media approval is going to out perform SEO simply because Google continues to move the rabbit in such a way that trash is as likely to come to the top as relevant material.

Posting On Purpose for Profit will give you the basics, a five step process through which to put all your blog posts so that you can generate traffic, profits, or leads depending on what your aim is that day…and you do need to have a specific aim for a post, you surely do. You can check out Posting On Purpose for Profit here.

You do need to do keyword research. Then you will create content that goes to what people are looking for as revealed by your keyword research. That content can be a blog post, a video and such so that you can get them to your offer. You will need tools, some are free, some are not. Google Keyword Planner is free. Market Samurai is well worth the money since it is a one time fee and they keep it updated. You can check out Market Samurai here.

Remember, the key to online success is not just traffic, but targeted keyword traffic.

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