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Reviewing My Network Marketing Tips

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

Recently, I went through and reviewed all1 the tips I had collected on how to succeed at online business, network and affiliate marketing. I thought I would do a review, tossing the ones that no longer apply.

Follows are the ones that stay. I thought about explicitly outlining the ones I tossed and why, but decided against it because a large number of folks seem predisposed to focus on what they don’t want.

  • Point #1:  First of all, use your own products and services. While I do agree that it does not matter really what you are selling I think it does matter if you don’t use what you are selling. So…Use your own products and services. Make your own products and services your first go to point when trying to solve a problem. It is easier to sell what you personally use because you are doing less selling and more sharing.
  • Point #2: Visualize, constantly, what your life is going to be like when you achieve your goals. FEEL what it will be like when you realize you are retired, that the distributors who have become your friends are now able to send their kids to good schools because YOU introduced them to your opportunity. Think what it would be like to have enough interest income coming in that you don’t really have to do anything, anymore.
  • Point #3 Constantly be looking for ways to connect with new people. I don’t mean selling them something, I mean widening your network so that your ‘lead with value’ efforts are seen by more folks.
  • Point #4 I have come to realize there is so much to learn and so many ways to make money that I have to be in a constant learn mode. If that sounds exhausting to you, get over it. Control your emotions and make the idea of constantly learning new ways to generate income streams fun. This is the career you have chosen. Now, put on your big boy pants and realize that you need to treat your efforts at expanding your knowledge the same way folks in a doctoral program treat their education.
  • Point #5 You have to learn to control your emotions and turn them into power. I know that sounds kind of mystical, but it is not. It is also not explainable in a paragraph.
  • Point #6 Listen to, associate with, and learn from people who have what you want. Let their belief grow your belief. Do this explicitly even if it is rough at first. Do it everyday and one day you will wake up and your belief will be as powerful as theirs and THAT is a good day.
  • Point #7 Work every day. I try to make myself work 40 hours a week on my business. Not always possible as I still have a job. The more hours you put in, the faster you can reclaim the 40 you are now giving to someone else.
  • Point #8 Stop selling so hard and start looking for the folks who are looking for you. If someone does not want to be a business owner, don’t try to convince them to want to be one. It is like trying to push a rope uphill from the other end or trying to bathe a herd of cats. Yes, I know. I kind of repeated myself but it bears repeating. I will probably say it again next week…or even tomorrow.
  • Point #9 With all the uproar in society lately, you hear a lot of talk about speaking truth to power. Speak to people’s pain. Show them the pain reliever. This is what makes people buy. Learning to speak to people’s pain gives you power in this business.
  • Point #10 Focus on helping those who have already displayed self-starting traits. You cannot coax the lazy to success.
  • Point #11  Placing your sign ups under others may be seen as abandonment. Sounds good on paper, but see #10 again.
  • Point #12 While you do need to learn to prospect, make sure you spend at least as much time learning to market. It is so much nicer to find out someone has signed up on a regular basis from a blog post or short video you created than it is to chase people at the supermarket and in your family. Over 99% fail in that approach.
  • Point #13 Get to know folks before you try to recruit them or ‘show them the plan.’ Someone you just met has no reason to trust you. Why would they suddenly go into business with you?

Obvious Truth #1 This is not really what I call a point, but I wanted to include it here anyway. Always tell the truth. If it runs them off up front, how do you think they will react when they find out you lied to them?

  • Point #14 You are helping people to a better future. Don’t plead with people to join your business. There is no one that you just have to recruit in order to be successful.

Attraction Marketing System

You Don’t Need Any One Specific Person In Order To Succeed

I once wanted one of the authors of a tool I formerly used to create articles for distribution to join my business. I had done business with him so I naively thought he would consider doing business with me.

We had a number of long exchanges via email and he was excited about the business to which I had introduced him. Since I was new in the business, this fellow thought he would be slick and do a run around and join my mentor instead. This kind of upset me because I just knew that this guy would be a powerhouse.

As it turns out, some years later my mentor stopped using this fellows product because he gutted it in such a way that it affected the way Google treated the articles. My mentor declared he was no longer using the product.

Moral of the Story: You don’t need anyone to join your business. What you need is to learn to market so folks want to do business with you.

  • Point #15 If you are bad at names like me, write them down. Remembering someone’s name is only polite and they will appreciate it.
  • Point #16 Are you a dour fellow? Folks like Eeyore don’t do well in network or affiliate marketing. I have seen folks start with, “I realize you probably are not interested…: Don’t be an Eeyore.

  • Point #17    90% of folks you interact with will not join your plan. Make sure to have other things they can use to succeed in whatever business they do choose. If they say no to you, they are involved elsewhere. They will almost always say yes to efforts to help them in their current business. Offer to help them succeed.
  • Point #18 Don’t prospect in a thrift store or in the line at the power company paying your power bill (I mean, come on. Would you be in line if you had paid it on time? This is not a criticism, I have been there. I am just saying that odds are folks in those places have got to get somewhere else before they are ready for your message of how to build a business.)
  • Point #19 Don’t be a thief. Trying to build your business by scavenging distributors from others’ businesses is just not gentlemanly. If you think living by the law of the jungle is the way to go, you don’t understand this business and will soon fall prey to your own tactics.

Be Supportive of Others

Support folks in other businesses. If they give up on where they are, they may turn to you of their own will. Otherwise, don’t mess with another man’s money.

In Conclusion

Network Marketing Tips #21: Your Companies Business Plan Is Not YOUR Business Plan

This is by no means an exhaustive or complete list of things that will help your business, but these have helped me when I wanted to quit. You need to remember that in many cases, your lack of success,,, if that is where you are right now… is often not your fault. Many networking companies do not have what I consider formal training programs for their distributors.

Most networking companies live by the adage that 99% of distributors fail to make money, but 16% of the folks they recruit or sign up as distributors will remain as customers of their products and services.

If their plan is built on a 99% failure rate, do you think maybe you need another plan?

If you want to learn out to get the best training available, that has a proven track record of developing 5 and 6 figure monthly incomes for the folks who go through it, go here.

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Tim Singleton

Notes: 1 Obviously, not all tips were included here, but these seemed to be particularly relevant based on some discussions of late. -Tim


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