How To Market Affiliate Programs

How To Market Affiliate Programs Profitably

The good thing about being an affiliate marketer is you can choose to market only things you believe in.
The good thing about being an affiliate marketer is you can choose to market only things you believe in.

As we discussed yesterday, one can be in an affiliate relationship with a company in a matter of minutes just by filling out the required web form and distributing the affiliate link. Some folks don’t even have a web site or blog, choosing instead to just include their affiliate link in their email signatures or in their online persona’s signature which they use to access the blogs they participate in on a regular basis.

It works for some folks in terms of generating ongoing income but it does little to build a long term business. This approach does nothing to build a list or a relationship with the customer.

That is fine if that is all you want, but I don’t think it is. If it is all you want, I don’t think the rest of this article will do you any good.

Posting. Why Do You Do It?

…or anything else for that matter. Why do you include your affiliate link in your profile, or your email signature?

Aren’t you a nice fellow, helping out XYZ corporation just because you like the product?

What’s that you say?

You want to get paid?

Well, okay, then. You need to understand that you have to do a little more than slinging your affiliate link everywhere.

You need to create a piece of content that is well written and is crafted in such a way that Google has a reason to put you on the front page.

Take A Beat and Do It Correctly

Right this second I want you to quit worrying about how you are going to produce a piece of content for every day. Take a beat and understand that you need to produce one(1) good piece of content that converts, not 30 pieces of crap. Make sense?

What I am saying here is understand that one of the goals of folks who tell you all you have to do is post every day and you will get rich are telling you something you want to hear.

Technically it is a true statement but I am telling you I have blogged 90 days straight and not had much to show for it. I tell you this because it is important that you understand if you, too, are going through this, it is not your fault. You are missing some big chunks …no, not big, but indeed cosmic chunks …of information.

I want you to commit right now to making it job one to create one piece of quality content.

This means I want you to quit sweating over making a post every day next week when you know that you are probably going to have to work overtime …or it is your nephew’s bar mitzvah …you have a monthly report due at work …or your niece’s sweet 16 party, whatever.

I want you to quit beating yourself to death feeling as if your dream is slowly slipping away because you cannot blog every day. Give yourself permission to feel good about your job because your job is what is financing your ultimate dream so your monthly report is part of building your dream, okay?

…and commit to creating a single piece of good content.

Yes, I know. This goes against everything you have been told lately. Well, that’s fine. I can take the heat and here is why I stand by my words.

  • You have been blogging every day for how long? Your results are what? Ask yourself what is driving you to stick to your guns if you are clearly firing blanks?
  • If you do as I say, and create a single, good quality piece of content and it starts making you money …it will make you money from now on. …24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, you now have a piece of profitable content that will generate some amount of cashflow for as long as you keep the content online.
  • Rinse and repeat.

My point is …and I know I am repeating myself but I want to be very clear. Focus on creating ONE, single piece of profitable content and then you can create the second one much faster. As it becomes second nature to you, and the profits start rolling in, you can focus on creating new content and less time worrying about making a sale today.

Fruit Trees and Wealth

Yes, I know. You just widened your eyes and thought What?

I will explain. Folks in the modern world are so focused on paychecks they really don’t see that the earth is just pushing wealth and security out at them everyday and no, I am not about to go off into some Eco Gaia kind of mystic rant. It is very simple. An apple tree produces a certain amount of fruit every summer. Apples run about $4.99 for a 3 lbs. bag of Gala apples at my local Wal-Mart.

I had to look it up, but an acre of trees having 300 to 400 trees should be able to produce at least 16,000 lbs. of fruit. If things are perfect, the number should approach 20,000 lbs. Working with the average of 350 trees in an acre and with the lower number of 16,000 lbs. as well as saying 60% will be what you can actually sell this gives you (16,000 lbs. / 350 trees) x .6 x ($4.99/3lbs.) and you have an annual dollar value of a single tree at $45.62.

May not sound like much, but what if you had 1,000 trees? Are you with me?

Concentrate on making one, single post that is generating you cash flow, any amount …it does not matter how much… and you are on your way to replacing your job. Once you replace your job you can start improving the process.

Toolsets and Making Posts Profitable

This process of focusing on one profitable post at a time is applicable whether you are engaging in mobile marketing affiliate programs, a multi level marketing affiliate program or, if you prefer, billing yourself as a network marketing affiliate. Point is, you have to begin with the end in mind, produce a piece of content that will address the needs of your audience, and promote that content to rank.

Now that you understand this process, I want you to go here and watch a free training program on Posting On Purpose for Profit.

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