Benefits of Social Marketing

Google Panda Proof

Early in the spring my sweetie and I took some time at Orange Beach, AL
Early in the spring my sweetie and I took some time at Orange Beach, AL

If your content has the approval of a large number of social media sites as expressed in terms of backlinks, you are golden. There is a bit more to it than that, but if you are not including social media in your marketing plan then you really are going to be doing things the hard way. One of the main benefits of Social Marketing is sticking power that no algorithm from Google is going to overcome.

Your content having 300 likes on Facebook and 100 shares is not to be underestimated.

You are actually building a relationship

Well, in many cases you are. One of the things about likes on social media if it is broken out by user ID is it gives you a reason to have a conversation with someone. Also, while that conversation might not necessarily be a qualified lead, that person might lead you to a qualified lead.

If you are on social media, stop looking at kittens long enough to have a conversation with someone about what is going on in their lives. If you can, help them in some way if that conversation is about a problem. If you provide someone with a solution to a problem; if they know you understand the pain of their situation and can provide a solution, you are on your way to being rich.

…and with lots of new friends, which is always a plus.

Stick to Your Knitting

If you are wanting to use your time on Social Media to grow your business, stick to the pages that are related to your business. This will also encourage the site on which you find yourself to direct you to more pages (and people) relevant to your goals and dreams.

Avoid politics; avoid controversy.

I so enraged one site’s moderators that I was rewarded with a bad rating. All I did was tell the truth as I saw it.

Was it fair? LOL, no, but that is not the point. The moderator had the power and so no point crying about it. The lesson was, stick to business and let the personal opinion stuff only be exercised in an arena where you can do some real good. If something ticks you off to no end, don’t complain about it in the social media arena.  Do something real like writing your senator or congressman.

If you don’t know where to find your senator or congressman’s address, email me and I will help you find it.

People Are Coming To You As Targeted Qualified Leads

When you correctly master Social Media, folks who come to your pages and click through to your content or opt in for your newsletter or the free training you can offer them, you can be certain that person is looking for you.

Help that person realize that you have the pain killer for their pain and you are, again, golden.

You Spend Your Time Working With Interested Folks, Not Tire Kickers

Here we have arrived at the dream condition. The folks who are contacting you are folks who have a problem and think you can provide a solution. These folks are the ones who buy what you are marketing1.

Go here and check out how you can get the benefits of Social Marketing For yourself.

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1 One of the number one things my mentor in this business taught me was to quit selling and start marketing. Most companies still tell you to make a list of friends and family. It is a waste, don’t do it.

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