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How To Make Money From An Affiliate Website

Many folks new to affiliate marketing get in, get overwhelmed with the amount of information slung at them and leave. Sometimes, they are overwhelmed because for all the talk and video and exhortation from their upline they cannot for the life of them determine what are the actionable steps to take to make money.

How many times have you said to yourself, “Gee, that sounds wonderful but what do I do right now?

To much too fast leads to processing overload and often the new person just saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.” We don’t want that to happen to you or your folks.

First, You Have To Become An Affiliate

This part is easy. Look at the bottom of many of the pages on products and services in which you are interested and you will see a link saying something like ‘Affiliates’ or ‘Become an Affiliate Now.’ If you like their stuff many companies don’t mind giving you a cut for referrals. Fill out the form and they will send you a link. Very few do much in the way of qualifying affiliates. If they do, just chalk it up to them wanting to do right by their customers and that cannot be bad.

Past this step is where it gets dicey for the newbie affiliate marketer.

What To Do Now

First, understand that you have a learning curve to go through. Just relax and plan to spend the time. Often people just fly off at a tanget, engage in a bunch of activity they have never engaged in before and quit, angry that they even tried. I have never understood this mindset. I mean, what did you think would happen? That you would throw up some haphazard page and folks would knock you down trying to give you money? How I wish!

Understand you know nothing; resolve to change that.

Which brings us to you second step, learning.

You are going to have to get up to speed and that means reading, thinking about what you read and determining what your plan of action is going to be. This will mean either coming up with your own plan or implementing the plan of action others have used and which is known to work.

Does a resturanter start grilling in the parking lot while they are breaking ground for his building? No. Do things in order and you will have a much better result.

You have got to have a system. There are billions if not hundreds of billions of pages out there and you are trying to float to the top of the heap when someone starts looking for what you are offering.

Step 3 You have to have a system.
Understand that as a newbie, you need an integrated system. Whether you are looking at affiliate marketing or at MLM or network marketing, you have to have a system. Since you do not know how to put one together, you will have to find one.

Some Simple Steps You Can Take Now

Here are a list of things you can do that will help.

Permalink setup in WordPress

Make sure to set your WordPress to display both the category and the post name in the path. For instance, in WordPress 4.0 you would go to Settings, Permalinks and choose Custom Structure, entering in the path to look like this:


If you are picking a particular product to promote, then it would be helpful to have the domain related to the keyword as well. If you are like me, however, and are promoting a number of products and services, then this is not critical and the previous permalink notes will do.

Use the keyword in question in your section headings.

Not every time, but scattered throughout the post. If you include the keyword you are using in every heading of your post Google might see this as keyword stuffing and penalize you in your rankings.

Some blog variants give you the option of including a 160 character description of your post. You will want to use your keyword here, of course, as well as in your tags.

Picking Your Tags

Once you have decided on a keyword, go to Google, enter it into the search box and hit enter. Down at the bottom you will see a boxed off area called ‘Searches related to . These will be your tags.



The importance of backlinks cannot be overestimated in making your content rank. It is as much art as it is science. You can increase your backlinks by being on other sites and having your site as part of your signature. This is entirely legitimate; everyone does it and you should,too. Your spending time on other blogs, making helpful comments will help them and it will help you, too, since each comment contains a link back to your content.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an important tool in picking how you are going to market. Not taking the time to use this or a similar tool is going to make your efforts a waste of time. Myself, I use Market Samurai. Market Samurai breaks things down into all kinds of neat analytical categories. The ones you should be concerned with are page rank and backlinks.

I want you to Click here to check out Market Samurai for yourself.

It really is a very simple matter of getting more backlinks to your content than the competition. If your toolset can get your more backlinks your ranking goes up. When picking a keyword, looking at the backlink count is an important factor to consider.


Audience Builder Pro

Another solution is Audience Builder Pro. I use it. You need to go here and check it out as it is a subscription service that provides Panda proof backlinks. By only providing quality backlinks to your content, slowly, organically, over time it helps your content to rank and rank well.

The fact of the matter is, I don’t know of another product or service out there like Audience Builder Pro. You are getting backlinks from a private, closed network of something like 3,000 blogs and Web 2.0 sites. Over time I expect to be ranking as many as 1,000 or more backlinks to each post.

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