A Side Business Idea That I Like and Why

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Why A Side Business?

There are lots of folks who look for ways to start a side business. How many?


The amount of literature and number of web pages devoted to the subject are, well, the best way to answer that is to look at the number of web pages that came up when I did a search on the phrase ‘side business ideas.’ Google returned 193,000,000 pages.

There is a reason folks look for ways to start a side business.  It is to your benefit to do so covers all the bases on the matter, too.

Two Reasons For A Side Business

First, to make money. It makes absolutely no sense to start a business with no intent to make money. It might not necessarily be to turn a profit, but in order to be in business you have to have some motivation to generate cash flow.

Second, to give yourself a break, a break from taxes. The tax advantages to having a side business can really increase the amount of money you get back at the end of the year or avoid paying throughout the year if you set it up right. As always, seek competent counsel and advice.

Other reasons include:

  1. So you can someday quit your job
  2. Increase the amount of money you can sock away for retirement
  3. Pay for your kid’s college without going in hock for student loans
  4. Act as a profitable outlet for your passion.
  5. Act as a profitable outlet for your hobby

There are others, I am sure, but this was just what occurred to me off the top of my head.

A Side Business I Like

Affiliate Marketing is in my top two choices. The main reasons I like affiliate marketing are:

  1. You don’t have to have employees
  2. You don’t have to deal with all the employee issues
  3. It can be run from home, giving you tax advantages you otherwise cannot take advantage of.
  4. The investment is small in most cases and the potential reward unlimited.
  5. You can run it on your time schedule for the larger part of the time.

Affiliate Marketing Is Simple

Affiliate Marketing is fairly simple.

  • You find something you like enough to tell others about
  • Create an affiliate relationship with that company.
  • They give you a unique link that is coded to you.
  • You distribute that link.

When someone buys through your link, you get paid.

Simple, Not Necessarily Easy

I say that but the truth is what makes it hard is folks don’t want to follow the things that have worked for others. Say someone buys a $297.00 product.

They will download it, look at it, be excited for a few minutes and then drift back off to the television because their favorite TV series has come on. Feeling that LazyBoy’s support in the reclined position, they decide they will get to the course on the weekend when they have no distractions.

Only, there are always distractions aren’t there? When you buy a course, execute it faithfully. It is really east to do once you decide to do IT instead of the same old same old that makes you no money.

Remember this, too, when you start thinking you will change things up. In most cases it is best to follow the instructions for which you paid.

Residual Income In Affiliate Marketing

If you are going to sell something, you might as well get paid on it when they renew next month.

The potential for building an income that you can walk away from for a month or more and then come back to it is what puts the stars into folk’s eyes in the first place.

Affiliate is an easy choice if you are limited on capital, time and experience.

Side Business Education

You will need to learn the ropes of how to run an affiliate business, you kow. If you knew how, you would be doing it and getting paid, right?

Watch this free video on the challenges facing online marketer and what you can do about it.

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