Best Social Marketing Practices On Twitter

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

How many times have you purchased an online webinar that promised to deliver actionable information that spent an hour or two building up to…

…you have to buy ‘this other thing’ to really get ‘the secret.”

Does that tick you off? Makes you wonder whether the fellow is in the business of helping you make money or if his entire plan is to step by step coax you into sending him your money. You wake up after a few of these and realize you have spent so much time trying to pry out what this obviously super clever fellow knows…after all, he is making a beaucoup bucks a month, right? …you begin to realize you have spent so much time and money hanging on his next words that you have failed to engage in marketing to your folks, that you have failed to both engage in closing sales and in providing significant help to the people who are looking to you for leadership.

This article will provide actionable items and real links to resources you can use now, for free.

Today We Will Cover a Few Best Social Marketing Practices On Twitter. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list but these are proven things you can do, right now, without spending a dime.

Best Social Marketing Practices On Twitter

Images on Twitter Posts

Share images on Twitter with your comments.

Just as videos on blog posts increase readership and YouTube videos linked into blog posts provide a powerful backlink to your posts, images on Twitter post increase both readership and sharing. Readership and sharing also lead to more clicks as favorites. This increases your social authority from Twitter.

Tweet Your Blog Posts To Your Followers

Tweet links to your blog content. This means tweet to every blog post and tweet to particularly helpful posts more than once. Your followers might not click on your content the first time but next week, when the problem you are trying to solve in a particular post is at the front of their mind, they will click on your tweeted link.

You can set your blog to automatically tweet your posts. If you don’t know how to do this, email me. It is a simple set up and it is free.

Share Links To Your Website: Your Goal Is To Build Your List

Best Social Marketing Practices Include Tweeting Links To Your Website, Regularly

We know that most folks won’t buy from you on a first reading. Even in email campaigns where you have the exact solution for their problem, the pain reliever for their pain, it takes an average of 7 emails or more for the person to bite.  Why can include any number of reasons from it being a full moon to simply not having the money at the moment.

Take the focus off making a sale right now and focus on building a relationship with that person – right now. Ask yourself how you can engage this person in an ongoing conversation about how you can help them build their business.

Encouraging them to visit your blog often is one way and you do that by providing actionable, useful content. This means information on things they can do today by subscribing to your blog without having to hit the credit card. Subscribing means they are giving you permission to keep in touch.

Here is a free video on how MLSP can help you by educating you not only on a full spectrum of how to use Twitter, but how to engage in best social marketing practices across the growing list of social media sites in an integrated manner.

I know a lot of you are seriously hurting so I want you to click here now and watch this entertaining and informative video right now.

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Tim Singleton


MLSP Review

Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

Lots of folks entering into one or the other of the thousands of network marketing business opportunities often see the simplicity of the plan, jump in, retire for the evening, sleeping the sleep of those seeing a bright future. Like when going to bed on Christmas Eve as a child, the world is just a little bit brighter and shinier than usual.

This is a good thing; this is as it should be.

Getting up Saturday morning to work your plan, 99 times out of a hundred it centers around making a list of friends and family. For some few folks this is okay, being centers of influence arranging a meeting and speaking with credibility makes signing up folks just a tad easier and more enjoyable. The question is, are you this person?

Your recruiter told you what to do and you are hard after it.

What he may or may not have told you is the odds of success for any given person is less than 1%.

Let’s talk about what we can do about that.

Magic Bullets

I have been in several opportunities in the past, and they all said the same thing from the marketing plan side.

  • Keep a positive mental attitude!
  • You don’t lose unless you quit!
  • Don’t quit while losing!
  • You have to believe in order to achieve!
  • Six times down, seven times up!

Makes you wonder whether you are starting a business or embarking on cutting a trail through 2000 miles of virgin forest with only hand tools, does it not?

It would go much better with power tools like bulldozers and road graders, don’t you think?

Human Nature

The reason these companies present and market the way they do is basic human nature. The

When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.
When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.

majority of folks are going to work a while and fall by the wayside. 16% of those who sign up to become a distributor will remain on as customers with the company once they give up on the business side. This is a plan the company can work with.

The reason 16% stay with the company is because most companies give excellent value in the products they sell. Word of mouth is the best advertising and with the persons advertising paying for the right to advertise the products they use, it is a win win win scenario for the company.

…but you are not in the business of making a customer base for the company, are you? No, you are in the business of creating a customer base for yourself, to build a profitable business with which to support yourself, your family, and your hopes and dreams.


The Four Pillars of a Successful Networking Business

There are four pillars to any successful networker’s business. They are:

  1. Auto ship/subscription continuity income.
  2. Product revenue, things you can sell at one time costs. .
  3. High ticket revenue…at least $1,000 commission for the product.
  4. Business opportunity. Whatever business in which you are now involved goes here.

Auto ship subscriptions range from monthly orders of consumables to ongoing educational resources. Folks buying from you here are customers. They may or may not be distributors.

Many folks will drop a one time fee of $39.95, $297, $395 or whatever on training courses or tools that teach them specific skills. This is a major source of income for those folks talking about reaching high five figure incomes. They spend a great deal of time developing them. The good thing is, once they are developed they can be sold at 100% profit over and over. This is where you will get your product revenue.

You are probably asking yourself how in the world will you find the time and resources to make it to this point while you are kickstarting your business opportunity.

My Lead System Pro

Used to be that folks talked about spreading faery dust on their distributors by extolling their virtues, their energy, their determination to succeed and for these reasons, you should follow them in their business.

None of these things really translate into knowing what to tell you to do next in your business.

My Lead System Pro fills in the gaps of what you know.

Let’s look at the four pillars under My Lead System Pro helping you build your current business.

Four profit centers:

  1. Auto ship/subscription continuity income. Again, these are your customers buying products from you on a monthly basis.
  2. Product revenue, 100% Mastery, courses, trainings, etc.
    (MLSP bread and butter stuff) substituting for your own products.
    You don’t have these now, right? MLSP supplies you with them. You are in business.
  3. High ticket revenue…at least $1,000 commission for the product. MLSP has several that you can use to build You, Inc. MLSP teaches you how to build your brand.
  4. Business opportunity. (MLSP is a generic solution, helping everyone build whatever business they are in.)

Here is a free training video on MLSP. If you want help with building your business, you need to go here and watch how MLSP is the pain reliever for your pain. Any frustration you have had up to now is not your fault. No one has taught you how to succeed.

MLSP is teaching you how to make progress and profits, now.

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multiple streams of income

Lead Generation Process

Leads Are The Name of the Game

Leads are the name of the game for building any kind of business offline and online; having a good lead generation process is crucial to the eventual success of your business. Even your local supermarket spends effort, time and money generating leads. Those sale papers are not afterthought.

Not all leads are equal and not all lead generation processes are equal, or even effective. A sub-standard lead can cost a lot more than it seems at first impression. Time is a limited, one way investment that you will spend no matter what.

Bad leads are a bad investment.

Lead Generation Means ‘QUALIFIED’ Leads

If leads have not been qualified in the promotional process you are wasting your time. You will spend your time working with folks who are uninterested and most likely cannot remember why you are contacting them.

Lead Generation Requires Work; It Requires Correct Work

Offline it requires you setting up meetings and driving to those folks, calling them, and often wondering why in the heck did they commit to a meeting if they did not want to come.

They may delay you by saying, “Can you send me some information on it?” or that golden oldie I always love, “I will think about it.”

You can but they probably won’t.

If you are in a hurry, you probably don’t have time to do the marketing process many companies engage in such as collecting information from prospects at trade shows, sending them information, pre-qualifying them and so on.

You need a method of generating leads who are looking for what you are offering, for whom you have a solution to their problem, an end to their pain.

Step Back and Understand the Lead Process

If what you are doing is not working, come to grips with the idea that you don’t understand the process. Understand that this is a critical issue that must be resolved in order to move forward.

Online generation is deceptively simple looking. Mainly, because you are struggling to be seen and heard in a web of pages dominated by Google and folks who understand SEO, SAO and how to get backlinks.

Purchasing Leads

Yes, you can do that, but doesn’t it make more sense to be presenting information and help in such a way that they seek you out for free? When you create content and put it up on a blog it works for you from then on. If you are buying clicks, once those clicks are done, you are done and they are gone. Hopefully, they will buy but if they do not, then you have accomplished nothing.

Obviously, this is the downside. I am not entirely against buying clicks I just know many people who are trying to get started do not have the budget to buy traffic. Once you do get started, buying focused, targeted traffic is a great way to accelerate your business. Doing it when you have to choose one bill to pay over another to get started is maybe not such a good idea. The cool thing is there are ways to get a blog hosted pretty much for free or less than a $10 spot a month and get going now.

A Lead Generation Process That Works

You need a lead generation process that provides you a what to do, when to do it, what to sell, and to whom to sell it kind of set up. Do you have any up front training that is free for your prospective customer or distributor to go so they can get a feel for you and what you offer? Do you have a mechanism whereby you can make money on 90% of the folks who say ‘no’ to your network marketing business?A system that is always updated so as to keep up with changing times and effective strategies?

You do now. Go here now and check out the training we use here at Earthtiger Networking.

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Tim Singleton


Best Attraction Marketing Secret

Attraction Marketing

Early in the spring my sweetie and I took some time at Orange Beach, AL
Early in the spring my sweetie and I took some time at Orange Beach, AL

The attraction marketing system turns marketing on its head. Its record of producing 6 and 7 figure income earners is unequaled.

Before if you wanted to sell you had to go out and find people to sell to, cold calling, door knocking, dialing. Worse, you hung out in bookstores hoping to run into someone to whom to talk.

Generally, this means no sales, no new distributors to make sales, no paycheck.

Attraction Marketing’s Basic Foundation

Attraction Marketing’s basic tenet: People should need what you are selling and search you out.

I will say it again, the attraction system is founded upon the principle that instead of going and finding folks to sell to, people should need what you are selling and search you out.

Attraction Marketing Is Efficient

This is perfect for anyone in the network marketing business; it increases the efficiency of your marketing time and efforts.

Who is more likely to spend money? Your cousin you have not seen in 5 years or someone who saw your blog message and said to themselves you know what I am going through and have solved my problem?

Cutting time you spend chasing new business increases time you are spending promoting your products; attracting folks to you.

Awesomely cool is people you attract will not just buy your products; in many cases they will also be joining your network marketing business.

Old School Strategies Ignore Human Nature

Old school strategies ignore the fact that people love to buy and dearly, coldly hate to be sold.

People buy from people. Attraction marketing is reliant on the idea that the best testimonial for what you are selling is you.

  1. How is your demeanor?
  2. How is your energy level?
  3. What are your expectations for the future?

When making a video for posting on YouTube1, and you should, you surely should, how is your demeanor? Do you look fresh, excited about your business? Happy to be where you are doing what you are doing?

Are you an Energetic Eddie or an Enervating Eeyore? Which is to say are really excited or just excited to get it over with and check it off? Whatever, act like it is the first.

What is your own belief level?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”
― Henry Ford

Ford said it all.

A Few Bullets On Attraction Marketing

  • You are reading, so I know Attraction Marketing works. So, I am teaching it to you.
  • When you use it and folks start coming to you, you know it works, so teach it to them.

Duplication at its finest.

Attraction Marketing Means People Buy From You

In a very real sense, you want to become your brand. Ideally, people see you as their solution.

Quit Selling

Don’t throw tons of facts. I have been guilty of throwing tons of facts and figures at folks, overwhelming with what I (thought) I knew giving them no where to retreat, a losing plan.

People don’t care about all this stuff. People want to know:

  • What your product can do
  • Even more so, they want to know what your products have done for you.2
  • That you really care whether they succeed…and you do, you surely do.
  • People buy from folks they like; be likeable.

Offer to cure their pain, make them understand their past failures are not their fault. No one gave them more instructions than a green high school coach saying, “Get out there and go for it! You can do it!”

You are a winner even if you have not got your game plan just right. Deciding to cowboy up and step into the arena is what makes you a winner. You want to be successful, respected and a leader…and you are going to be so.

It just requires a mindset change.

What You Need To Do Now

Instead of trying to figure out a solution, you can save time and use an already proven system such as the Mastery Program that Earthtiger Networking uses.

I want you to go here and learn how this system works, now, before you do anything else.

It is time for your hopes and dreams to start happening; it is time for you to succeed.

Best Regards,







Tim Singleton

1 Google loves YouTube and bought it. Your videos here have extra special link juice.
2 Even if your are entirely new, your business has something in it that you saw. Changing your belief in the future you want is not a benefit to be downplayed. It is BEDROCK for your life.


Why Should I Buy Gold?

When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.
When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.

Inflation is up.
Incomes are down.
The government brags about the recovery while working folks scratch their heads.
Other countries are beginning to demand their gold be returned to them.
Pension plans are being eyed by the government to paper over their spending screw-ups.
Money is being confiscated at every whim; clearly the government is desperate.
Good news! A quarter can still buy a gallon of gas!

Why You Should Buy Gold

If you have been watching the news lately you know that those who are selling gold are painting a woeful picture indeed of the state of the dollar and its value.

Sadly, they are telling you the truth. The United States uses its position as the issuer or the world’s reserve currency to export its inflation to other countries and they are getting tired of it.

You might also want to look at their emphasis on buying gold as an ominous development. Personally I see the drop in price as a reason to get all I can. Neither the price of gold or silver is, in my opinion, an accurate reflection of its true value. I have heard some experts say we will see the day when 500 ounces of silver will buy a nice house. I do not doubt it myself.

International Game of Gold Chicken

The US is all twitchy over the BRIC countries trying to…and I think they have already conducted some transactions using something other than the dollar to settle their international transactions. The damage to the US’s economy if the dollar loses its reserve status is pretty much incalculable.

China is buying gold and they are not selling it.

Germany wanted its gold back, but some backroom nut squeezing made the Germans relent…for now. Some say they are afraid the US does not have the gold and does not want to know what that news would do to the economies of both nations.

Inflation Is An Illusion

Consider this in your own case. Odds are you may remember when gas was a lot cheapwer than today. I personally remember gas at 35 cents a gallon. That was back when we still used silver coinage at 90% silver, 10% copper.

In 1964 a quarter would buy a gallon of gas. Well, guess what? A 1964 quater will still buy a gallon of gas. Carrying that a step further, I can fill up my car on $3.25 in 1964 quaters.

Prices have not risen. The value of the money in your pocket has been degrade. Why? Because the government will always print money to pay bills the people will not stand for through direct taxation.

America is known for its generosity. It should be known for its stupidity because that generosity comes at the price of poverty imposed on the unborn.

Gold In Your Possession Is Secure

Remember what happened recently to the Greeks? I knew they had lost a significant percentage of their savings to the European banks but I could not remember how much it was.

They lost 60%.

Because the folks in Cyprus trusted the EU, and their government did as most do covering expenses on dificit spending, the money they kept in their banks was reduced by 60% overnight despite supposedly being insured.


You Should Buy Gold Because It Is Not Easily Consfiscated

Gold you hold in your hand, or in your closet or behind 4 strong doors, the last of which is a safe door, can only be confiscated if someone knows it is there. It cannot be drawn out of your house by some NGO shenanigans or some bureaucratic over reaching.

Besides, if they resort to confiscating gold and silver, we are then having a different conversation altogether, right?

Points On Why You Should Buy Gold

Here are some reasons to buy gold, right now:

  1. If you have an ounce of gold or silver, it cannot be inflated away. It is still there, laughing at paper money.
  2. Gold and silver in your possession cannot easily be seized.
  3. Everyone on the planet recognizes gold and silver for the value it holds.
  4. Gold and silver can be easily divided into smaller quantities to make convenient purchases.
  5. The stamina of their buying power can easily be demonstrated. An ounce of gold pretty much buys today what it bought during Roman times in terms of food and clothing.

KaratBars Are Convenient and Affordable

Most folks can afford an ounce of silver. Most folks have trouble choking down an ounce of gold. Those are the realities of the economy.

Karatbars allows you to purchase gold in convenient 1 gram amounts, making your ability to buy gold as convenient as buying silver.

You can also do your friends and neighbors a favor and introduce them to the idea of buying gold in gram quantities.

You need to stop what you are doing, right now, and go check out KaratBars as a place to buy your gold. It also has the potential for a serious home bases business.

Best Regards,







Tim Singleton



Network Marketing On the Internet Part 2

When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.
When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.

Yesterday we talked about the fact that Network Marketing On the Internet works, why it works and for whom it works.

Today we will cover some more points that I have learned by watching my mentors and also through experience.

If you have been struggling up until now, relax. It is not your fault. If you act on bad information you will get bad results.

You have arrived where you get accurate, actionable answers.

When Your Warm Market Is Not So Warm

Not being a social butterfly as most people are not, I needed a plan that did not rely on to whom I was related, with whom I worked, and to whom I might run into at the grocery store.

For most folks this is very uncomfortable and is the place where the rubber hits the road on how badly you want it. Do you give up or do you press on through to the other side where you are not limited by who you know?

Remember this, you don’t know 90% of the people with whom you will eventually build your business.

Check List

So, another short check list for what network marketing requires is:

  • A basic understanding of how online marketing works
  • Understanding what successful people in online marketing, specifically network marketing online, are doing

It’s So Easy!

No, it isn’t. There are a ton of things you need to do on a daily basis to get started. Think of the old analogy where a rocket or space shuttle burns up the majority of its fuel within yards of the launch pad.

Learning any new skill is an effort so relax and understand it is a part of the process. There are things you have to put into place in order to build a house, run a marathon, discover a new cure…whatever. There are things you have to put into place. So, understand that you cannot spend a couple of twenties, one time, take a 10 point checklist that you execute for a week and retire on residuals. The good news is we teach you how to automate these things.

What is your message? You have to have a blog to tell it. How will they buy? You have to have the links set to make it easy to buy. “My company has a website so I don’t have to worry about that stuff,” You say.


You business, if it is to have long term success, has to be primarily about the relationship between you and your distributors.

If you rely on the company with whom you have signed up, you are building a relationship between your customer and the company, not you and your distributor.

You must lay a solid foundation for your business, which comes about by accepting the basics of network marketing online and implementing them.  After a time, you’ll be able to enjoy a passive monthly income which involves only the minimum effort on your part.

When You Get Paid

There are few things in this life that compare with seeing money being deposited into your bank account daily.

There are few things to compare with going to the mailbox knowing odds are high there is a check1 in there.

Think about it. How is your life going to be different if rather than dancing with your bills between paychecks everything is on autopay because there is always a positive, growing balance in there?

Instead of living for the day when you finally have your car paid off you set it to autopay and its pay off comes as a complete surprise when the title arrives from the finance company. How are you feeling knowing your choice of cars is your main decision to make because you are going to pay cash for it?

Track Record

When researching online network marketing you’ll come across hundreds of people that claim to be the genius in this business, and then they will try to sell you info. You’ll instantly be sent through to a squeeze page, your info picked up, and then you will be overrun by all kinds of offers designed to set you on fire, plenty of which “will never be seen again at this price” – it’s not true.

Don’t even go there, the majority of these folk earn great incomes yes, but the bulk of their money comes from folks who want to do things the easiest way and magically earn a six-figure income overnight.

I’m not saying all these folks are lying, what I’m making an attempt to say is it’s difficult to find the very few honest people that are going to show the proper way to do things.

The best folks share their information for free2 and help you.

Finding a Network Marketing Mentor

A good coach, someone who is already manufacturing the results you hope to provide promoting network marketing on the internet, will tell you one of the most vital things that you must find out about internet marketing is that it is still a people to people, relationship business that needs talent, work and a significant investment in time and energy.

This is not to say you only need to work with those who make big money online. Remember, when you are starting your business tonight or tomorrow or next week and so, you are going to have to be able to explain why someone should do business with you.

Do a gut check. Do you believe this person will be there to answer questions or do they just want your monthly subscriptions. One of the offsets of working only with the super guru is if you are having a lot of trouble, who is more likely to be accessible to you, the newbie? A man who has thousands of reps with which he has to interact to some degree or the fellow who wants to make sure you succeed because his success depends on helping folks like you succeed?

Look at the track record of the tools which your prospective sponsor is representing. Did he write them himself? Okay. What is its track record? If he is as new as you, to what resources does being in business with him bring to the table? He should be able to answer this more than fair question as well as why they work.

It’s a real business. Not a get rich quick deal.

But it can be a get rich deal.







Tim Singleton


1. Click here to learn how 4 top earners would earn $5k in 30 days if they had to start from scratch!
2. We give away more free training than most have in their for sale line up. Go here and sign up for our free weekly training seminars by 6, and 7 figure income earners.

Network Marketing On the Internet Part 1

How Does Network Marketing on the Internet Work?

It does not matter what your personal position on networking, multilevel marketing, or affiliate marketing is, many folks are making solid 5 and 6 figure incomes doing it.

They stay home when it snows like you want to do. They don’t have to watch the news to see whether they can stay home out of the craziness that is sure to follow the first hard snow in months (or years as is the general case here in Alabama.) They just do it. Besides, likelihood is that all their meetings were online anyway, they will just do it with hot cocoa instead of a nice, ice filled soda.

Homeworkers, whatever their discipline

  1. Stay home
  2. Avoid the company rat race
  3. Work the hours they want to work
  4. Have the satisfaction of controlling the size of their paycheck.

It works because some folks want to be in business badly enough that they keep looking until they find a plan that works for them.

The Online Marketing Field Is Intrinsically Equal Opportunity

The Internet does not pick favorites; you do the work, you do it right and you get paid.

Your age, your social position, your experience, how tall, how fat, how pretty you are…none of it matters. Again, you do the work and do it right and you get paid.

A lot of folks who have been in sales all their lives are using the Internet to supplement their pensions.

Many folks who have NEVER enjoyed any significant financial success when confronted with an extra 40 to 60 hours a week free time after retirement have found an unexpected land of plenty in the digital outback.

College Students! Pay Attention! This Matters! I Know

Many college students are completely avoiding the con game of student loans and funding their way through college, finding in some cases they will never need a job because they have built a business. (Beats the hell out of flipping burgers and yes, that is a quote.)

By the way, college boys and girls, this means:

  • You will never be yelled at by the boss
  • You will never worry about having to find something to talk about at the company Christmas party
  • You will never have to worry about being passed over for promotion
  • You will never have to worry about being laid off for a while
  • You will never have to worry about being fired
  • You will have absolute, 100% control over the causes to which your company contributes

The Basics about Network Marketing on the Internet

Here is the winning combination I found after many years of failure. Yes, I failed many times to get it right. I failed at some company whose name I forget that was doing wholesale groceries. I failed at Melaleuca. I failed at Quixtar.

What did they have in common? They had these in common:

  1. Awesome products and services. I still like to use various products from both the latter two companies. Melaleuca toothpaste and Amway’s SA8 line of detergents are simply fantastic products by which you will judge all others.
  2. They all had a business plan based on 99.5% of distributors failing.

Anyways, the first winning combination I found was:

  1. First, understand that most of these companies know distributors will fail 99.5% of the time.
  2. Second, realize I needed a different plan if I were to succeed.

It was a bit of an epiphany for me, realizing I needed a different plan.

Their plan bets on my losing. I needed one that bet on me winning and actually went to the trouble of giving me the tools TO win rather than waiting for me to drop out and leave behind the friends and family I had sold on trying the company’s products.

When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.
When I got married, I realized I needed a plan that worked FOR ME.

Secondly, I am using the Internet which means my content will be visible to hundreds of millions of people, all of whom are quite able to know when they are being sold. My mentor said to, “Stop selling and start helping folks.” I had never really thought about it but he was correct, folks need a reason to do business with me, just as yours will need a reason to do business with you. That means you solving problems for them as you build a relationship with them. This is called Attraction Marketing and it means the difference between less than 1/2 % working themselves into the money ring and …more than 1/2% making it.

You see, it is not your fault that you are not making any money. Yes, it depends on how hard you work, but that statement needs clarification. It depends on how hard you work at doing the right things.

Most of the things you read are designed to make you buy. What I am telling you here is what I have learned through hard work, much of the time doing the wrong things, and what is working for me in terms of building a real business.

You need to come back tomorrow because I will cover then cover more of the details of the plan I have for myself and for my distributors.







Tim Singleton

Article Marketing Strategy – Proven Systems Part 2


Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.
Being in business for yourself gives you more opportunities to enjoy life.

I promised you a free resource that can help you quickly get into the habit of writing good articles from scratch and which gives you skills you can easily adapt to your own blog.

That free resource is Ezine@rticles1.

If you already know about it, but are not using it, then you need to re-evaluate that decision. Backlinks and views from this domain have weight and authority because they are very strict on the articles they accept.

A good, free primer on article creation

Go see how Ezine@rticles forces their authors to structure2 a post. Keep their guidelines in mind when posting to your own blog. The info is free and it will help you become a better writer.

Because you are writing to your own blog, you can also include a call to action in the final paragraph of the post rather than only including it in the resource box along with the author bio. Unless you tell your reader to take action, they will not know to do so.

Read This Now!

Headings should be brief, but indicative of what is to follow. Some folks will be tempted to just skip to the sections which seem most relevant to their search. For this reason each header should be equally well crafted. After all, if it is not relevant or important to what led the reader to your post, why is it in the article?

Make your article headings relevant to the problem your article is trying to address.

You do realize that this is what an article is supposed to do, right? Your article needs to provide enough information to actually be of use to the reader as well as give them a reason to take some action such as getting on your mailing list, signing up for some free ebook or instructional video you have provided or clicking through to your buying page.

The Body of Your Article

Your keyword or keyword phrase should if at all possible be in the first sentence as well as in the core of the text as well as the last sentence. This is not a hard and fast rule because it can make your writing stilted if you adhere to these guidelines at all times and in all articles.

Just keep in mind that the search engines have ways of searching and these guidelines cover what the search engines are looking for. Don’t let this pattern keep you from writing a quality peace, though. Although you are writing to appeal to the main search engines, don’t forget that it is individuals who’re reading your articles.

On some article sites they encourage you to put your call to action and your links in your resource box. If you are writing to your own site or blog, you can use the final paragraph of the article for this, it seems to me.

Appropriate white space, focused, tight paragraphs and bullet lists all make for easy readability.

It is possible to write articles in such a way that they can be spun and distributed to various article sites, but such seems to me to be going the way of the wooly mammoth. With the every growing focus on SAO (Social media Authority Optimization) rather than SEO, I question the wisdom of spreading a hundred thinly rewritten articles linked to the same page.

It just seems to me to beg for a Google Slap.

Rules I violated in this article: It is too long, but sometimes that happens.

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Tim Singleton

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1 Also, go to and create your Ezine@rticles account now.
2 One of the rules I broke in writing this article was it was WAY too long. Rule of thumb, just over 500 words is the perfect length but sometimes the subject needs more. One hack to overcome that is to split an article in two, as I did here.



Article Marketing Strategy – Proven Systems Part 1

The Best Way to Write Articles

Write about what you already know.

The best way to write an article is to either write about a subject with which you are familiar, paying attention to proper grammar and making sure that you have created a unique piece of content that has actual value for the reader or you can also research a subject and write about your findings..

Used to be that when I researched a subject I would see a few links on the front page that I knew had to have been written by a computer or written by someone whose first language was clearly not English. Being more experienced now, I recognize those articles for what they are. They are spun articles (nothing really wrong with that) which the publisher had not taken time to properly rewrite with proper grammar, infusing it with his or her own personal experiences in order to make it truly unique, helpful content with actual value for the reader (and there is plenty wrong with that.)

Quality counts today more than ever so take a little extra time to create a good post.

Once you have written a quality article, you can then set about maximizing the SEO aspects of it such as determining appropriate keywords for the subject matter, creating appropriate and headers, and making sure there is a smattering of keyword phrases and related long tail keywords scattered judiciously throughout the body of the article.

Make sure you do not engage in keyword stuffing.

Google will penalize you in the worst way.

Keyword stuffing has little effect.  It is not worth the time. Any good it might have done in the past is, well, past.

Conversely, you can choose a keyword based on your ability to compete. How do you know if you can compete? In order to maximize your chances of landing on the first page of Google’s search page for a particular keyword, look at Google’s keyword planner tool. If you can generate more backlinks for the article over time than the majority of the competition ranking for the keyword in question then proceed with either writing what you know or researching the issue. If you cannot then move on to a different word.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, I suggest we talk about how to best get you up to speed on SEO. Also, be cautious about researching this issue. Google Panda is slapping down sites in a hard way for using SEO techniques that used to be perfectly legitimate, penalizing sites for overuse of SEO. No point in crying about it; just know that it is a danger and adjust accordingly.

Besides, an over SEO’d (yeah, that is a new verb), keyword stuffed, over linked piece of writing is just about the most mind-crogglingly boring piece of reading you could ever hope to avoid coming across. Seriously, such will hurt your brain.

What Is Needed for a Well Written Article

Why not read 7 to 10 articles on the issue of article creation? If you have not done it, I would. I have been journaling for near 40 years now and blogging for pretty much as long as the Internet has been around, even before they called it blogging actually and I still get a kick and occasionally an inspiration from reading the current thinking on the subject. Yes, some of it is all blather and trash even if it does wind up on the front page of Google but sometimes you get a real gem.

After that, you will need to either have knowledge of the subject or have done your homework such that you now have knowledge of the subject. In any case, reading the first ten articles that come up on the subject on Google is a good idea simply because it will give you fresh eyes through which to see the subject and also possibly give you new information or developments of which you previously were unaware. This is not necessary, but occasionally it is a good idea.

Also, don’t over write your article. $100 dollar words and phrases may impress your college English professor but it will cause the average web surfer to experience temporary blindness and loss of consciousness (it will put them to sleep and you don’t want that.) Any concepts associated with the web can be put into comfortable high school level English and convey the essential ideas very well.

I am assuming you are writing on your own blog here. The urge to overpopulate your post with links to everything you are offering is a natural one.

Avoid it.

Tomorrow In Part 2

In part two which I will post tomorrow I will show you a free resource that can help you quickly get into the habit of writing good articles from scratch and which gives you skills you can easily adapt to your own blog.








Tim Singleton

If you want to see how to save time on creating articles, click here now.